Food price spikes ahead! Incoming major Arctic cold blast across Europe is a new threat for global food supply chain


After a week of abnormal warm weather, a major cold blast will engulf Europe over Easter. This is bad news for fruits, vegetables and crops and for the global food supply chain… Food prices are going to rise sharply again…

arctic blast europe, arctic blast europe food prices, arctic blast europe april 2021
Arctic cold blast across Europe could threaten worldwide food delivery. Picture via Twitter

Crop and cattle losses are on the rise everywhere, whether it is due to extensive drought, massive hail, epic flooding, huge dust storms, unexpected frosts, and even epidemics.

And the major arctic blast forecast for today into beginning of next week will not make things better…

As reported by Scott Duncan on Twitter: ‘Arctic blast incoming… A huge temperature shock is on the way for Europe. From record heat at the end of March, temperatures are going to tumble well below normal early next week. Yes, there will also be snow for some…‘ (I should get snow on Tuesday in Switzerland!)

Here the perfect setup explained in pictures:

This arctic wave comes just after an exceptionally hot end of March in Europe, with many countries breaking records and boosting plant growth.

Yes, everything is flowering right now… So if it gets too cold, everything is about to freeze to death… fruits, vegetables, cereals… everything!

arctic blast europe, arctic blast europe food prices, arctic blast europe april 2021
Cold blast in Europe: Forecast for April 7.

This is actually what happened 15 days ago in Spain, when severe frosts were recorded in the stone fruit producing areas of Lleida and Huesca, in Spain between March 19 and March 21, 2021. After an excellent flowering of the fruit trees, the sudden cold snap has changed everything, impacting the harvest by up to 30%, specialists say. 

Meanwhile, a new study examined agricultural production in 28 European countries from 1961 to 2018 and compared it with the prevalence of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat waves and cold snaps alike, all four of which increased in frequency over the study period.

The researchers found crop losses of 2.2% of total crop yield between 1964 and 1990, which surged to some 7.3% in the period between 1991 and 2015. Yes, crop losses almost tripled in 50 years

Worst hit are cereals used to feed the bloc’s livestock, with losses increasing by over 3% in each drought year. So it’s not just impacting veggies and fruits, but also the meat we eat…

Crop losses during the incoming major arctic blast will have devastating “ripple effects” on food systems in Europe and the wider world, triggering global price spikes.

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  1. THERE’S plenty of food from/in the tropics. Here in Siam farmers are paid to not grow 2 rice crops a year as millions of tons of rice sometimes rot in warehouses.

    • Even in the northern United States there is an oversupply of crops. Crops have been left on the field because of low demand, which means very low prices, so it was cheaper to leave them on the field than to harvest them. This has been going on for years.

  2. Good reason to eat grass fed beef. Grass is the historic food of choice for cows and its more resilient to temperature swings.

  3. NO problem, starting in May the ‘shots’ will begin to reap their own harvest! If you have had your ‘shots’ you know the fake ‘vaccines’ the gene therapy will begin their unexpected harvesting! Fasten your seat belts it is going to be a bumpy night (year)!

  4. I find it strange how the cold weather comes down and hovers for three or four days just like Texas, it’s going to be a full week of cold weather that will cause damage, it seems these hovering patterns have caused major floods and now cold weather, if this is proven to be malicious intent who is going to do something about it?

  5. If the Globalist’s keep this up and people begin to starve where will the bastards hide. We are awake, we know their names and their organizations…forget using UN troops, they have to eat and worry about feeding their families.

      • Really???? A lot of them DON’T have the underground bunkers you’re talking about, Anthony Morales. With the way things are tgoing, not even underground bunkers will help these psychos. Air vents can be wrecked, leaving them fighting each other and gasping for air.
        Don’t you forget, the Lord God Almighty’s in charge, not the psychos in their bunkers.

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