Unidentified Flying Object dives into Etna volcano prior to 17th paroxysmal eruption (video)

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Meteor fireball or UFO flies over erupting Etna volcano on March 31, 2021. Picture via Youtube video

What is this strange luminous object flying right into the volcanic peak on March 31, 2021, just a few hours prior its 17th paroxymal eruption? Look by yourself:

Was this a meteor fireball? Could be…

Specialists described the latest eruption of the fiery volcano as remarkable, even for Etna standards because:

  1. It lasted significantly longer than any other explosion, with about 12 hours of lava fountaining, and a very long build-up and declining phases, making the whole episode lasting almost two days!
  2. A new effusive vent opened at the southern base of the cone…

Now enjoy Etna’s show:

I don’t know if these anomalies are directly related to the UFO entering the volcanic peak… But who knows!

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