There is so much snow falling in parts of Europe right now that farmers have to dig their sheep out of 10ft drift in UK and dozens were forced to sleep in an IKEA store

sheep buried in snow UK people sleeping in IKEA in Denmark
sheep buried in snow UK people sleeping in IKEA in Denmark. Picture via Youtube video

Thick snow drifts have hit large parts of Denmark on Wednesday evening and on Thursday night. Both in the capital Copenhagen and in other parts of the country the snow triggered traffic chaos, train failures and power outages. The region in northern Jutland around the city of Aalborg was particularly hard hit.

There, an IKEA showroom turned into a vast bedroom for 6 customers and 25 employees after they were stranded by the snowstorm and forced to spend the night in the store.

Up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) of snow fell, trapping the customers and employees when the department store in Aalborg closed on Wednesday evening.

12 inches may feel small, but look at the badass weather in the video below!

We slept in the furniture exhibitions and our showroom on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses and sofa beds,” store manager Peter Elmose told the Ekstra Bladet tabloid. People could “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.

Elmose said they spent the evening watching television and eating, adding it went “super well. It’s been a good night. All fun.

Denmark’s public broadcaster DR said people working in a toy shop that is next door to Ikea also spent the night in the department store.

Around 300 air travelers also had to wait overnight at Aalborg Airport because of the snow storm.

It’s much better than sleeping in one’s car. It has been nice and warm and we are just happy that they would let us in,” Michelle Barrett, one of the toy shop staff, told DR.

We just laughed at the situation, because we will probably not experience it again,” Barrett added.

Sheep dug out of 10ft snow drifts in the UK

Dramatic footage has captured the moment a farming couple were forced to dig their sheep out of a 10ft snowdrift during a snap blizzard in their Staffordshire farm caused by Storm Arwen.

Another group of rams – only visible because of their horns poking out the top of the drifts – also had to be dug from a similar situation in a different field.

Back in 2019, there was so much snow in Iceland that it buried several horses. Same in Argentina in 2020. [Guardian, DM]

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  1. Are you sure this story is correct? because those trusty and truthful news readers 20 years ago told us that snowfalls are a thing of the past….Would the media lie to us?

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  3. Apparently some people were stranded in snow, in the UK, and they spent three nights holed up in a pub. I imagine that they will be having a party.

    I can remember we got snowed in for seven days up in Utah. I was about 11. I think we played poker alot. Fireplace going. That kind of activity. I know there was eggnog around. We were kids, and had some of the eggnog with some hooch in it. It’s not so horrible as long as you are inside, warm and dry.

  4. Hawaii big Island is snowing now… Strange sounds please put this article. Thanks a lot… UN CTU now is able to close all web sites that they do not agree.. Please make sure copy everything
    …. Just in Case.. I told you Global Censorship is coming… Everything i say is coming,News happens before it happens?

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