Snow Is so Deep in Iceland Right Now That Farmers Have to Dig Out Horses Buried Under it (Video)


On Friday, December 13, Magnús Ásgeir Elíasson, a farmer from Hvammstangi, had a sudden feeling that he should check on his horses.

When he arrived to his pasture, most of his horses were stuck in the snow and one had completely disappeared, fully buried.

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Icelandic farmer digs out horses buried under deep snow. Picture via Visir

Sometimes, Friday the 13 isn’t so unlucky after all. We didn’t get hit by this large asteroid and this famer was able to dig out his horses stuck and even buried under deep snow after a powerful blizzard swept Iceland with 149 mph winds and dropped more than 10 feet of snow.

Yes, in this case, Magnús Ásgeir Elíasson had a strong and lucky intuition that saved one of his horses.

Apparently, just after breakfast, a little voice in his head said: ‘Go check your horses.‘ He then looked outside throught the window and saw his heard literally freezing in the snow.

He ran to his field and found most of his animals stuck in the snow. It was just in time, as the poor animals had battled the snow cyclone during the entire night, without food, water and a barn to protect themselves.

horse stuck in snow in iceland
horse stuck in snow in iceland. Picture via Grapevine

Without losing a second, he started digging freeing his horses one by one.

This is the terrifying moment he realized that one of the animals was missing. Freyja was indeed completely immersed in deep snow!

Here a video showing some horses that were able to be freed for the snow:

His neighbors quickly arrived and offered help to dig out the last horse buried in the snow. They put the mare in the shovel of the tractor and took her inside the barn with all her friends.

The unprecedented snow storm also buried sheep under feet of snow.

The vicious cyclone was the worst weather Magnús has ever experienced in his whole life. Thankfully, no horses were injured. And you bet they are now safe and warm. Cows were also buried in snow in South Dakota this winter. Continue on Strange Sounds and visit Steve Quayle for more amazing headlines. [Visir, Grapevine]

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  1. Isn’t Iceland generally a more temperate climate? Greenland is colder.. and farther north. geography anyone? maps???

    • The north magnetic pole is literally moving. There is a very significant disturbance in weather patterns as a result it seems. Ocean and air currents also. Temperatures in Greenland USED to be fairly moderate due to the Gulf Stream warm water ocean current. For about 400 years, Greenland was a thriving colony of Denmark, producing wool and other commodities. At the same time, England was much colder. The Gulf Stream apparently shifted across the Atlantic and Greenland began to get colder as England began to have much milder winters. As a result, Greenland was all but abandoned as it became necessary to import basic supplies like wood. Seems that the magnetic poles have a very significant affect on the ocean’s currents and atmospheric air currents.

  2. I don’t think that some of the writers of the comments can read. In stead of good reading, they just attack the farmer for not taking good care of his animals. While the message says “The unprecedented snow storm”. Don’t you all think that if the storm was predected, he took his horses inside the barn? So, who are the a-holes here now……

  3. you would think these farmers would take care of their animal before the bad weather hit´s it is like they have no clue what is wrong with these folk´s

  4. SADLY,the younger generations HAVE NO CLUE what a BARN IS FOR,they think its to keep their toys in,EVERY winter here in colorado, I see the farm animals standing in the snow freezing to death,I guess the loss of haft their herd doesn’t matter to them,NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY THEIR IN,stupid is, as stupid does..its the same everywhere now…they won’t survive whats coming….NUCLEAR WAR…

    • Horses, when given a choice will go great lengths to avoid going into buildings, barns, whatever you wish to call it. They’re still an animal whose DNA has them on the plains, in the canyons, and out in the open. I’ve had horses continuously since 1980 and have observed this every day. Pouring rain, driving snow, bad winds, subzero temperatures? They’re out in the elements, my barn is open access so all horses can come and go at will. Mostly I find them standing under the trees.

  5. Asshole didnt even provide a barn for his herd………in Iceland of all places, where you would think every animal has access to a barn. Hope that cheapskate gets that barn now.

  6. The Horror, The Horror of Global Warming. Wait sorry I meant Climate Change. Climate Change has been going on since the beginning of time. FACTS ARE FACTS LOOK AT THE Geological RECORD. Nothing New.

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