BBC: Austria will pay for Russian gas in rubles – Also discussed in Germany


Austria and the Austrian oil and gas company OMV have accepted the terms of payment for Russian gas in rubles, said Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin assured the security of supplies. Earlier, Serbia and Hungary adopted similar terms of payment for Russian gas.

In addition, the possibility of paying for gas in rubles is being discussed in Germany – the German energy concern Uniper said they allow this option and are discussing it with the German authorities, the company will have the next payment at the end of May.

In the morning, Gazprom announced on the termination of gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, which refused to pay in rubles. The company also stressed that since both countries are transit countries, in the event of “unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, transit supplies will be reduced by this volume.

At the same time, the data of European gas operators on Wednesday morning showed that gas supplies to Poland from Russia resumed after a short interruption.

The representative of the Polish government for strategic energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimsky, said that Poland no longer intends to buy gas from Russia.

Energy Minister of Bulgaria Alexander Nikolov said that Bulgarian gas storages are able to provide domestic consumers after the cancellation of Russian supplies” for a month.

He also stressed that Bulgaria had fully paid for the April gas supplies, and accused Gazprom of violating the contract. “At the moment, natural gas is being used as a political and economic weapon in war,” he said. [BBC] is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK…

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