Bang! Russian gas supplies to Poland halted


Russian gas supplies under the Yamal contract to Poland have been halted, according to PGNiG SA, a Polish company responsible for the trading of gas from Gazprom under a long-term contract that expires this year.

PGNiG received a letter from Gazprom announcing the complete suspension of supplies under the Yamal contract starting April 27, 2022 after the Polish company refused to pay for gas in rubles.

PGNiG and GAZ-SYSTEM inform that currently all deliveries to customers are carried out in accordance with their needs. The companies monitor the situation and are prepared for various scenarios.

Currently, the transmission infrastructure managed by GAZ-SYSTEM is functioning smoothly. The national transmission system is supplied on an ongoing basis by means of other inputs to the gas system, underground gas storage facilities are injected, and fuel is transmitted to customers in accordance with the current demand.

Thanks to the implementation of the government’s strategy of diversifying gas supply sources, PGNiG is prepared to obtain gas from various directions, including through gas connections on the western and southern borders and the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, which successively increases the number of LNG carriers served.

The balance sheet is supplemented by domestic gas production and fuel reserves accumulated in underground gas storage facilities. Currently, the warehouse filling level is around 76 percent and is significantly higher than in the corresponding period in previous years. [PGNIG, Polsat News, Onet] is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK…

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  1. I’ll bet Poland has their own natural gas. Was it capped off by your leaders, like ours has been, in USA?
    Here in USA, Bill Clinton did it. We know where it is. There are other places in this country will natural gas availability, as well. Most countries, if not all, have their own natural gas supplies. This is a hint to all peoples of the world. Don’t believe any leaders of the world. They are evil and are hellbent on eliminating all of mankind, except themselves. Don’t be deceived by them. Find your natural gas supplies in your very own countries. Think back.

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