Megadrought is spreading across the world: Two lakes dry up in Switzerland with one being refilled (videos and pictures)

Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry
Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry.

The megadrought is not just slamming the western US… Nearly half of the European Union is exposed to warning levels of drought (46%: ‘Warning’ drought levels; 11%: ‘Extreme alert’ level).

A staggering portion of Europe is currently exposed to warning and alert drought levels, associated with either soil moisture deficit or its combination with vegetation stress,” the report’s authors said.

This is exactly what Switzerland is experiencing right now, where at least two lakes have dried up over the last days… Meanwhile, one of them. located in the Alps, has been refilled…

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Lac des Brenets is now dry

Drought is raging in Switzerland. The ‘Lac des Brenets’ located near Le Locle, between Switzerland and France, is nothing more than a small trickle of water after the river flowing into the lake was swallowed by cracks or sinkholes.

Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry
Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry.

The image is painful to look at! The Lac des Brenets (Swiss name) or Lac de Chaillexon (French name) on the river Doubs on the border of Switzerland and France is completely dry.

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Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry
Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry.

The depression in which the lake lies was formed by the movements of a glacier, while the lake itself was formed by a natural barrier around 12,000 years ago. At the downstream end is a waterfall known as the Saut du Doubs which is also dry.

Navigation on Lac des Brenets had already been stopped on Wednesday July 13 after the level of water dropped below the limit due to the ongoing drought.

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Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry
Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry.

This is exceptional according to Yvan Durig the captain of a tourist boat: “This is exceptional. Navigation already had to be interrupted in 2018 and 2020, but only in September, not mid-July.

Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry
Lac des Brenets in Switzerland is completely dry.

No heavy rainfall has been registered in the area over the last two months and the lake started losing water very quickly “up to 21 centimeters (8.3 inches) per day, which we have never seen before,” said Yvan Durig.

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Karst cracks and sinkholes

On the French side, the Haut-Doubs sector has been on drought alert since July 8 to limit the use of water to the strict minimum.

But besides the drought, there is also a geological explanation behind the disappearance of the lake and its water.

The river Doubs is completely dry:

At the end of June, Yvan Durig indeed recalled “water leaks” identified in the Doubs basins, as well as karst cracks and sinkholes.

They are located upstream, near Mouthe (F),” explained Yves Durig. According to him, the water from the Doubs river leaks into another one (French river La Loue) through the cracks and sinkholes, thus drying up the river and the lake.


Dry alpine lac de Tracouet refilled with water

Lake Tracouet in Nendaz (VS), also called “Lac Noir” for the dark color of its water, aits at 2200 meters above sea level. A few days ago, it was reported almost completely dry by regular wanderers.

lac de Tracouet almost completely dry is refilled with water in Switzerland
lac de Tracouet almost completely dry is refilled with water in Switzerland.

The popular tourist attraction has a unique ecosystem and is home to many amphibians, in particular common frogs and alpine newts and is the starting point for many hiking trails in the Alpes Valaisannes.

This is the reason why the municipality of Nendaz decided to refill it with water overnight from Monday to Tuesday, with 2000m³ water thanks to the intake of water Cleuson-Dixence. Some additional 8,000m³ will be injected in the coming days via this network, used for mechanical snowmaking in winter.

Europe in extreme drought

There have been severe dry conditions in several countries due to a lack of rain in addition to early heatwaves. Across Europe, severe drought is “expanding and worsening”, they added.

The report was released as multiple European countries face extreme temperatures this week and raging wildfires this past week particularly in France, Spain and Portugal.

“Climate change increases the risk of severe droughts and forest fires in the world,” said Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for innovation, research, culture education and youth.

Impact of drought

The Commission warned that France, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy will likely have a drop in crop yields due to the water shortage and heat.

Italy has declared a state of emergency in several regions due to its worst drought in 70 years.

The country’s longest river, the Po River, in particular, was several metres lower than usual with the drought leading to restrictions on water in the area.

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The drought is threatening a large percentage of Italy’s agricultural production, with the country’s farming lobby saying almost half of Italian farms are at risk with crops devastated by drought and high temperatures.

They estimate that the damage has already exceeded three billion euros.

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  1. What a great time to get to work,dig out all that silt and muck so the next time there will be more water storage capacity,use that rich dirt to grow food and fertilize your crops.

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  3. Hi everybody, commenting from the middle of the Netherlands. Over here we have warm weather, but even so every few days we get abundant rain. There’s nothing to complain about, I think, growers wise. Really, everything grows as cabbage.

  4. Man is not causing drought or any of the extreme weather. Natural event that happens every 3,657 years. Things are just warming up. Will calm down again after Nibiru passes and causes a pole shift. Georgia Guidestones was destroyed by the good guys. Giving the Satanists the middle finger. Telling the NWO they are no longer in charge. Come on!! 2 weeks before that the Supreme Court overturns Roa vs Wade. They then ruled we have a right to carry. Then ruled the EPA can’t make up it’s own rules outside of Congress. This actually applies to all Federal Agencies. NY Times wrote 6 hit pieces on Biden. If the Biden show was really in charge, would all of that have happened? The secret war has been won by the good guys. In the mop-up phase now. But it will continue to appear in the media as business as usual for a bit. I don’t know how, but they are going to retire the Biden Show.

    • @Gary,
      That sounds like Hopium, regarding the good guys and mopping up. I haven’t made up my mind on Nibiru. I did look into it though for a few months. Wormwood, yeah.

      That guidestones video had a suspicious edit, then a car drives away. Who was edited out of that video. Or was it (GG)hit by lightning? We can only speculate. There’s way too much propaganda and disinfo flying around the media now too.

      Bill Cooper’s story / book goes way back to early rabbit hole days. ?

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me if the satanic elitists are behind these “droughts.”

    Were the karst /sinkholes naturally occuring or man-made? Sounds like a conspiracy theory, yeah I know, but these subhumans are hell bent on killing off useless eaters. Maybe they destroyed the Georgia guidestones to cover their tracks, or garner sympathy for their false altruism? Nobody will know, since they control the mockingbird media. What we hear as far as “news” is mostly propaganda and lies.

    • Hey Manuel,
      The 15 minutes 1975 video with Christopher Lee, on substack was very cool. He was one of my favorite British actors back in the 1960’s and 70’s. ?

      Prince of Darkness, 1966 was a killer film. As a kid, we loved all those Vampire movies, and the Hammer Studio scary movies. Lol.

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