Only in Kansas City disturbing video


We live in a clown world…

Our society is going crazy!

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  1. For all those sheeple still trapped in the Trump/Desantis/etc religious cults, this isn’t telling you to become a demoncrat nor hate America but to have a brain:

    I do NOT hate America as a continent with beautiful nature, fauna and flora. Me refusing to vote, refusing to praise Desantis/Trump/Musk/etc isn’t making me deserve to “jump off a cliff”. I’m grateful that disgusting, threat-filled dungeon troll – fifty thousand calories – is gone.

  2. Tucker couldn’t stay tucked about his subliminal gay defense tactics, and he thinks the ASD/severe disability explosion will magically go away if we start doing fracking for oil – in our nation -again. I’m not totally against “fossil fuels” as global warming’s a hoax now, but you can’t recruit a SEND class to do the oil harvesting. It’s a nasty thing to say but it’s true. ASD will wipe out domestic American workers and jobs due to unemployable violent socially impaired adults. Both parties fund it via childhood vaxxines and “neurodiversity”.

  3. I’ve seen monsters from tiny towns too, not just the cities. I can’t stop thinking about special needs/autistic pedophile Geoshea (Gabriel Garcia) from shitty Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Or Crystal Mae Franks (autistic inflation/poop art/fanfiction fag) from Mozelle/Leslie County, Kentucky. And never forget the legendary Chris Chan from Ruckersville, Virginia. Dude/dudette needed a lot more ASD therapy than Legos and toddler SLP, such as OT/PT with our taxpayer dollars.

    It’s not just the cities destroying the Christian goyim, it’s also the internet and who really runs it.

  4. What happened in Kansas City will soon come to Japan – the “flawless paradise” brainrotted zombies on both parties see as America’s savior.

    • Rural Kentucky sounds good for escaping the madness of cities without going to an island nation filled with volcanoes, earthquakes, and even more nasty people. What happened in KC is already horrid.

      From “flawless utopia” Japan: (junior high student in Japan takes own life, sad and this isn’t rare in Japan)

      Brave new world lunches: (Kids plea to end “silent lunches” caused by plandemic – yep, a beautiful flawless utopia that’ll magically fix severely obese diabetic american zombies problems!)

      • “The Night They Saved Christmas” (1984) – a woman has a red apron with a golden reindeer on it, and when seen from a far distance, the “gold reindeer” is shaped like the country of Japan? Even in the 1980’s “they” were conditioning the American masses for the upcoming false savior of Japan to fix America’s cultural problems.

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