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  1. “Gnder Quer” (decode) was released the same year as the M0TB vaxxines and has literal child p0rn, gross “hotdogs” (not the ballpark kind) and graphic sx illustrations in it aimed in kids as young as middle school – Vicky Beeching = Vicky B1tching: (ILLUMINATI FREEMASONRY IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC LOG JOURNAL VOL 7: LGBT AGENDA & PEDOPHILIA IN THE CHURCH)

    Disgusting “child-friendly” cerv1cal photos featuring Disney princesses for the ASD generation:

    “In Forbes’ Jan. 20th “Pharma & Healthcare” section (where they tell us what Pharma wants us to “know”), there is an article titled, “Even Disney Princesses Need HPV Shots, Cervical Cancer Screenings and STD Testing”.

  2. As the fake virus and the nonstop push for the 666 vaxxines continues by both parties in all 50 states, this man is being worshipped by the GOP and he has a blasphemous bible called “the book of yeezus” or something. Even worse, this dude sacrificed his mum in 2007 to gain more fame: (KANYE WEST AGAIN ADMITS TO MURDER SACRIFICING HIS MOTHER IN 2007 TO LUCIFER)

    “In 2013 I released my most popular video back on Youtube of a clip of Kanye West admitting he sacrificed his mother in a TMZ style exposure of his then latest rant in response to the Taylor Swift incident. In 2015 I revisited the topic with more evidence and now in the last couple of days, in November 2022 he again admitted to doing it, even going as far as to compare it to Michael Jordan murdering his father and Bill Cosby murdering his son, all for fame and fortune. He then talks about GOD and his false Jesus Christ and throws up the devils horns while doing it.”

  3. Woman gets shot just so she could travel, 18 days later she’s dead. Vaxxine and PCR travel mandates are literal death sentences, and if we keep trusting DT/RD/EM/etc or other false christs we’ll have national USA vaxxine mandates for airport travel too. Travel vaxx mandates must die.

    Sharon May Piech
    #FullyVaccinated #DiedSuddenly

    “Got the shot so she could travel. Dead 18 days later.

    Vaccinated: March 31, 2021
    Died unexpectedly: April 18, 2021”

  4. Florida is 100 percent pro-NW0 – International Fact Checking Network is a wholly-Florida run organization:

    Poynter Institute is Floridian, and RD loves the vaxxine industry.

    Florida is the HQ of Fact Checkers and RD secretly funds and loves it.
    “The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a non-profit journalism school and research organization in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. The school is the owner of the Tampa Bay Times newspaper and the International Fact-Checking Network.[2][3] It also operates PolitiFact.[4]”

    RD is the perfect example of Lucifer/a false jesus in human form:

  5. The guy that played Tommy Oliver has been jbbed and later died suddenly.. (the 4kids PR version of Burai, who in the original KSZ/Zyuranger, was an extremely cruel tyrant who almost murdered his little brother Geki due to jealously over his childhood, and repented by helping the Zyurangers defeat Dai Satan via Dragon Caesar and the robot combinations).

    I don’t watch PR but have watched almost every episode of the original Japanese Zyuranger DVD set, more than halfway and I’d be interested if someone can do a SSS vs PR side-by-side comparison series, especially on KSZ versus MMPR.

  6. Warning: “blue lights” being erected across the streets and sidewalks of the world:

    Will Zen Buddhism become the next “big thing” in America? East Asian “saviors” to provide everything the vaxxine damaged American sheeple want? Strange:

    Vaxxine victim prison camps:

    A bitter Thanksgiving:

  7. Controlled-op shill Tucker Carlson subliminally admits he’s pro-gay. Same man that suggested parents to buy sugary/sugar-filled supermarket granola instead of cereal with kids characters on it due to one type of box having a stupid limited edition “pronouns” activity.

  8. I wonder why Fox News stays just as silent on “Died Suddenly” – the creation of rubbery, “white clot” cyborg zombie nanowires in the jabbed bodies – as much as MSNBC/CNN/Vice News also stays silent.

    Interestingly, FOX News appears to have nothing against same secks sodomy or childhood autism/mental illness shots, reminds me of Disney World’s Gay Day. Those without the alien Nephilim DNA can’t bring forth the monsters seen in the book of Esdras/Enoch/Genesis:

  9. Greetings StrangeSounds:

    Thank you for sharing the best vax/Gibbie-Jab presentation I have seen to date. BTW, I tried to Join using the Sign in/Join button above, but that is a Login button that does not allow us to Join. Your presentation is being shared in the Featured Section of Terral’s 2022 Black Star Report Newsletter 47 being published this Thursday. Please send a link on how to Join in an email to, and I will include that with this presentation and encourage my supporters to also Join and support you and your work.

    Your presentation will be shared in combination with the article posted below that can help your viewers see the larger picture about what is really happening all around us. We are living inside a 2012-Deep Impact-Contagion Movie that is real! The SARS bioweapon/bioweapon Vax PlanDemic is the Command-and-Control Mechanism used to manipulate and control the global population. The Elite-Globalist Genocidal Monsters and their Fascist-Corrupt Govt Officials counterparts are preparing to run to their underground Ark Cities to hide from the Black Star that is coming to terraform the planet. That is the big secret being hidden in plain sight behind a myriad of smokescreens that when understood will allow everything to make perfect sense. I encourage everyone reading these words to read the information shared below, and to take the red pill ASAP, before our time to prepare is over. The info shared below is only the tip of an enormous iceberg. Get more information at Contact Terral:


    Submitted by Brenda

    November 21, 2022 Watch video:

    First published at 08:05 UTC on November 21st, 2022

    Greetings: Your info is being shared in the Black Star Report Newsletter to help and inform subscribers and Survival Group members. You are speaking on one of my threat assessment and contingency planning topics. Please allow me to help in connecting more of the dots:

    @0:25: Gibbie-Jab RNA-DNA Reverse Transcription: Let’s back up a bit: First, SARS is no natural virus, retrovirus, coronavirus. SARS is a highly sophisticated binary biological weapon engineered for the genocide of the global population. The SARS herald strain (first half of the binary) was engineered to behave like a retrovirus assembling amino acids onto proteins to produce RNA (with 18 HIV coded inserts) that twists together with host RNA to then displace host DNA within the nucleus. Allowing the SARS bioweapon herald strain to circulate throughout the body is producing Long-Covid symptoms in a higher percentage of the global population with every passing day. Eventually, the host immune system recognizes the RNA-DNA-altered cells as foreign leading to immunodeficiency disorders, cytokine storm scenarios and eventually death.

    @0:45: Gibbie-Jab Bioweapon RNA-DNA carries instructions: Amen, sister. The hydrogels also carry a legion of nanobots of varying size with varying capabilities that include the smallest bioweapon elements that reassemble amino acids onto proteins for producing mutagen strains that when joined with the herald strain produce a series of recombinant strain MONSTERS. AI communicates to the nanobots using the upgraded digital space-based HAARP Carrier Wave maintained by satellites, which allows AI to create a multitude of sub-frequencies. AI collects the biodata for transmission to simulation hosts within a Real-World Simulation used as a baseline for creating billions of futuristic simulations (sims).

    AI is providing threat assessment and contingency planning for the House of Rothschild and the Global Bankster Cartel (their corrupt govt officials, the Global Military Industrial Complex, Global Intelligence Community, Etc.) who own the Underground Ark City Program. Rothschild-Rockefeller-Gates Eugenics (creators of the SARS bioweapon, bioweapon vax, Nano Silver-based vax, etc.) have been spraying the global population with nanobot components using chemtrails for decades. A percentage of the population rejects the nylon-like filaments that grow at the corners of the nanobot chipsets, which produces the nylon-like fibers in people with Morgellons Disease (uncontrolled silicon-based lifeform replication like cancer). The Gibbie-Jabs also include Hydra (microorganism) carbon-based lifeform that has been merged with a silicon-based lifeform that produces a hybrid lifeform that also grows uncontrollably in a small percentage of the global population.

    @1:00: “There is your 666.” Try not to get caught up in the numbers, sister, that can become a giant rabbit hole for you and your viewers. The Gibbie Jab is not the mark of the beast by a long shot. That and related topics are covered extensively in my book “The Mystery Explained” available at https:/ Subscribe to one of the newsletter programs, or purchase your Nano Silver, and get the ePub version of The Mystery Explained for free. There are introductory videos in the Scripture Section you can watch for free at the website. In short, he who has wisdom (those who are mature: 1Cor. 2:6-8) will understand that 666 is the number of a man. The number of a man is 6, because the number of spirit witnesses is 1, the number of blood witnesses is 2, and the number of water witnesses is 3. 1+2+3=6. There are three that testify (1Jn 5:6-8) the spirit, water, and blood, and the three are into the one. Those three (for Rev. 13:18) are the devil (spirit), the beast/son of perdition/son of destruction (blood), and their false prophet (water). That “man” has the number of 666 like every “man” in God’s Word including the Father (spirit), Son (blood), and Holy Spirit, and so on and so forth. Get more info at if interested.

    @1:20: The Graphene Oxide components provide the lattice network onto which AI uses the nanobots to build a spectrum of devices/components. For the Trekkies (Star Trek series), the bioweapon Gibbie Jab transforms human hosts into Borg. That is why the Gibbie Jab includes the Hydra/silicon-based lifeform for fulfilling the transhumanism (human into machines) agenda. Think things through to realize AI has complete control over the nanobots and the Hydra/silicon-based lifeforms to ultimately have complete control over all human and animal host lifeforms on the planet.

    @1:28: “They are self-assembling into medical devices …”. You have made the AI connection to the Gibbie-Jab components. Take that a step beyond to realize that MUCH more is going on than simple self assembly. The Gibbie-Jab components-elements are being built by AI manipulating the nanobots that in some cases measure only 5 nanometers in diameter and even smaller. The Gibbie-Jab components are AI-assembled/assisted and 3-4-5G activated! You know that Gibbie-Jabbers are transmitting a range of frequencies. Right? AI is gathering all of that biodata for providing real-life bio feeds to simulation hosts within Real-World Simulations who think they are real (like in The Matrix). The day is coming when AI will be commanded to reverse the feeds, so AI has 100 percent complete control of every human host on the planet! At least, that is the Globalist-Elite Plan devised long before anyone here was born.

    Dakota Report:

    Read the Operations Section of the Dakota Report for information about “Project Black Star” and global genocide that is happening as we speak. The PlanDemic is the Command-Control Mechanism over the clueless global population that includes the Gibbie-Jab, so those rejecting the nanobot technology can be introduced into the Real-World Simulation.

    Vaxxers Infecting Non-Vaxxers:

    Do you realize that Gibber-Jabbers are transfecting Non-Vaxxers??? Do you know that bioweapon vectors are increasing from every direction with every passing day?

    Terral’s Mutagen Release Timeline:

    Do you know that the DeltaCron Recombinant Strain MONSTER has already been released (with a R0 number greater than 10) and only awaiting AI activation?

    Watch Terral’s WARNING Special Report Video (04.23.2022):

    4/22/2022 The Prather Point with Jeffrey Prather: Watch video:

    Nanofilament Replication Inhibitor:

    The Gibber-Jab saturation rate in the US and Global Population has surpassed 70 percent, which means their objective has been reached. The next phase includes the 5G activation of the Gibber-Jab elements that will lead to a Marburg-Hemorrhagic Fever / Zombie Apocalypse Scenario that will kill millions and then billions.

    The only known method for neutralizing these threats is to keep Weight Chart doses of Nano Silver (RNA-DNA-replication inhibitor/oxygen-enzyme activity inhibitor) and Sodium Borate (nanofilament-replication inhibitor) in your system for the duration. Watch the 1hr+ Webinar Video at and the related videos below that for more info. Contact Terral:
    @final comments: “We are in the days of Noah.” That is an excellent analogy, sister. All of the comments below were shared to say this: We are all living inside a 2012-Deep Impact-2012-Noah Movie that is real! This is going to sound crazy, but: The same celestial object that triggered Noah’s flood returned to the inner solar system in the Days of Moses to produce those earth changes. This is the same Black Star (invisible collapsed remnant remains of our Sun’s once larger binary twin) that will cause the Sun to turn dark, the Moon to not give forth light (Joel 2, Matt. 24) near the “end of the age” (Matt. 24:3+). The reality is that the Black Star is already moving in the inner solar system and has triggered all the big quake events that you see displayed on the Black Star Event Timeline at

    7.3 China Quake Is the 2021 Sun-Earth-Black Star Nearside-Alignment Quake Event
    Watch Terral’s Special Report Video (05.24.2021):

    7.2 Peru Quake Is the 2022 Sun-Earth-Black Star Nearside-Alignment Quake Event:
    Watch Terral’s Special Report Video (05.26.2022):

    These two big quakes from 2021 and 2022 we both predicted in advance like the 9.1 Fukushima Quake and the others. Earth is about to pass behind the Sun relative to the Black Star on November 26, 2022, when another big quake is projected to strike. The next time the Earth and Black Star are in nearest proximity will be on May 29, 2023, when “the destruction” could come “suddenly” like the birth pangs (earth changes) upon a woman (Earth) with child (Body of Christ) that Paul writes about in 1Thes. 5:1-5. The Black Star is returning to the inner solar system right now with the “prophet” from Acts 3:19-26 coming to restore “all things” (Matt. 17:10-12) predicted in the final two verses of the OT (Mal. 4:5-6). Our time to prepare and warn others is almost over, as the Black Star is almost here. That is why the world is going to hell in a handbasket, because the Elite know and are preparing to run to their Underground Ark Cities as we speak. More info at if interested. See my update reports at:

    Terral’s Brighteon Channel:
    Terral’s Rumble Channel:
    Terral’s Bitchute Channel:
    Terral’s Mystery Report YouTube:

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