U.S. Government: $2 BILLION on the way to Pfizer for COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid – Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine cost $1 per treatment course – Pavloxid $530

Paxlovid antiviral corona pills Pfizer
Paxlovid antiviral corona pills Pfizer. Picture via Youtube video

The U.S. Government has agreed to pay Pfizer nearly $2 billion for an additional 3.7 million courses of its COVID-19 antiviral treatment, with the delivery of the remaining 20 million courses previously purchased planned for early 2023.

According to a report from CBS, Pfizer is expected to top $100 billion dollars in revenue, with more than half of it to come the COVID vaccines.

The report goes onto say that before the new contract, analysts forecasted Paxlovid sales would exceed 22 billion this year, and be close to 12 billion in 2023.

Just for your information, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine cost $1 per treatment course. Paxlovid™ costs $530…

Pfizer last week announced a $750 million dollar investment in the facility in Kalamazoo County, which will result in hundreds of new jobs in and around Portage.

The Portage MI facility made the first COVID-19 vaccine two years ago, and is expected to announce it will invest millions for the production of Paxlovid in June 2023. [WHTC]

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  1. Hum the cheaper drugs are respectfully a antifungal gal and a antiparasitic.Proves to me that the virus is waterborne soilborn in origin originally.
    Fungus and parasites live in tandem.Symbiotic.Kill the fungus and or parasite the body clears the virus itself.Probaly with little effort.
    Remember most water/soil born bacteria virus amoeba protocol are close genetically enough that the human body doesnt recognize them immediately.By the time the body does they are usually found in high numbers.Usually the person is quite ill by this time.

  2. typical govt waste. colds and flu need n o pharmaceutical concoctions. humans have survived for centuries without them.

  3. I got covid a few weeks ago, i asked the Dr to prescribe ivermectin but he refused, instead he prescribed pavloxid, when I noticed the maker was pfizzer, the same company that has killed millions with the killer jab, i was very skeptical of taking it and only took a few pills, these pills are pretty big like half an inch each and it was the most bitter pills I have ever taken, they left a bitter taste in my mouth for days.
    I was very afraid of these pills! criminal doctor refused prescribe something else!

    • You could not give me Paxloxid. You might want to search the net on this brand of poison. If your doctor would not prescribe Ivermectin, I have two observations:

      1) You’re at the *wrong* doctor’s office and
      2) Your doc is most likely getting a giant kickback from Pfizer

      Find another doctor. Before you book an appointment, ask the doctor (thru his nurse) if he has any problem prescribing Ivermectin.

  4. The W.H.O. calls anyone who opposes the snakebites “right wing extremists” even if they aren’t Republicans. Why are liberals purchasing firearms and bibles? Why are non-Republican citizens opposing the snakebites too? W.H.O. ignores such questions.

  5. Be sure to check the pockets of all the Congress and Senate after this incredible waste of the American Taxpayers money.
    We continue to be sick and die and they continue to build their wealth. If ever there was a need for a military coup it is now, but then again our military has been compromised at the very top. So sad that the only way to bring back the America that was once a great nation can only be accomplished by civil war and God knows it can’t happen fast enough.

    • USA was secretly created/funded by Luciferian freemasons in honor of Benjamin Franklin (a freemason and a whitewashed black man according to Kurimeo Ahau – not the first president) and via the world wars planned by Albert Pike, USA has created/recreated most if not all modern nations we know of today, particularly its “favorites” Germany and Japan, but all the world’s generally accepted history is a lie, and as Ukraine is being destroyed by Russia, Japan will be destroyed by China next.

      Germany greatly influenced U.S. culture back then (English, hamburgers, amish families, technologies/sciences, hotdogs, modern automobiles, and many other such symbols) alongside western Europe, and later after 9/11 Japan became the cultural role model in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Both nations will again be destroyed alongside the USA.

  6. Like the killshots, Paxlovid is said to carry a deadly payload. This continuing fubar conduct by fedgov shows that we still not have woken up a critical mass of our citizens.

    Got rope?

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