Video: Mothers explain why they bring young children to the sexually explicit Drag Queen Christmas Tour stops in Texas


What the hell is going on in our society…

They bring their children to such shows… Totally fine for 12, no?

And what about these shows? Beware disturbing videos and pictures

Parents? I don’t think these people are parents! Parenting is about your child and these People are about themselves!

These people go to those shows because they probably lack good sex at home… They are frustated… They don’t ask their kids if they want to come. Children have to come, because their parents want a ‘sexual entertainment’… Because they are bored with their lives…

It would never come to my mind to go to such shows. I prefer drawing, painting, going outside, playing, writing with my children… And if my children want to talk about sex, because they have heard something at school or other older people talking about it, they are really good at asking questions and we discuss and explain.

Yes, you can’t keep your kids innocent forever. Sex is natural. It’s good and healing. But these hypersexual hedonic drag queen weirdness no thanks!

A drag show is not there to learn about sex, it is made for somebody that already knows about sex… And thus completely out of context and completely weird and dangerous for children…

These drag shows are a new way of cultural mind control, of enslaving us – like Netflix, Disney and so on. And they are evil because these sexualized shows are primarely made for bored parents. However, since most cannot leave their children at home during the spectacle, they take them with. And the poor children get ‘sexualized’ without their knowledge… They are a collateral damage… They are damaged for life…

Yes, it’s just hard to understand where our world is going… But for me sex is not evil… These drag shows are… has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not all who perform drag condone this.Yes there are legitimate drag shows.
    They are a parody.Usually for charity.
    They would have called the show and walked out if kids were presenAst.
    Remember folks some are perverts others are performers.
    As for Disney it’s gone way down the list of safe programming shows.
    Disney has been trading on its reputation and history for far too long.The depth its sunk to proves this.
    What parent allows their child to stay in a school where sex simulations occur?This is why the perversion has taken hold.No one will stand
    Those who do are condemned ridiculed persecuted and prosecuted
    Let a parent stand against it and watch child gestapo take their kids.The other alternative is to not have kids which is what the climate nuts want.
    Either way you lose your freedom to make your own choices.
    They have in fact relegated us to human sock puppets through law and legislation.
    Logically man makes law to suit his needs(like our founding fathers intended)or they become perverted and think man is to be a slave to laws he had no part in creating like the evil claptrap we currently have.
    Look on the bright side we have death to look forward to.It ends eventually whether the human slave masters want it to or not.

  2. Another report stated that there were no husbands and kids at the show. The report stated all the mothers were piggish lard-asses. Marxist-satanists always try and destroy the nuclear family and encourage perversions. Where are the fathers?

  3. Was Marjorie Taylor Greene – and her team of V style “human” Freemason puppets – the actual ones who put sx toys near children’s toothbrushes and then made a fuss about their own actions?

    These “Christian” people in power have gruumed parents into letting their kids use internet unsupervised for decades, and only now speaking against porno that children -and those with Ronald Reagan’s post 1986 vacksine brain damage – are creating and viewing without even knowing or realizing it until the damage is done. Unfortunately controlled-op shill T.C. (toilet carlson) likes porno shops, sugary granola, feminists and the gay, he speaks against p blockers, abertions and t things only to help more people create monster hybrid babies from the jabbed moms.

      • Nothing new under the sun. The atheist brainwashing of children really increased when that garbage, secularized show MMPR/Power Rangers was released in the 1990’s (a secular version of the Christian show Zyuranger) and anyone who researches 4kids censorship will soon discover they didn’t just censor truly provocative stuff like large brests and bums, but also crosses and God/anything referencing Christianity. Masonic duality nobody wants to talk about, because the media’s focus is on Disney and D queens only.

  4. “Monday morning drivel as usual” how many times have you used the word “spam/lies/disinfo/drivel” to attack me, 50C?

    Reading the Bible does not guarantee you salvation, accepting and obeying our creator God Yeshua does. The book of 2 Timothy warns readers about people like you and Gary Allison in the last days…

    Take note of these words (and I’m NOT defending drag shows nor anything like it): lovers of themselves, arrogant, lovers of money (gold and silver commercialism everywhere lately), savage, and especially slanderers.

    Definition of disinformation on quick Google search: “false information which is intended to mislead” but I’ve been sharing nothing but true articles and theories (potential truths) this whole time.

    You rabidly attack and profanely insult anyone who has the slightest opposition to – or even asks questions – about the GOP and CFR selected puppets on both parties who are very likely funding these shows (and overall social unrest across America and the world) in secret. Your moldy, profane, insult-filled and vile fruits make it evident you love Desatanis and Pmurf/Taylor Greene and these controlled-op CFR puppets more than God. It is those who oppose all such peoples and idols that’ll be rounded up and beheaded as “fanatics” in the last days, the Fourth Reich/4th industrial revolution being funded by RD and all these puppets on both parties.

    Amazingly you say you’re a Bible scholar (even I’m not one of those) and you are still foolish enough to think the MOTB somehow isn’t here yet, it’s been here since 2020 en masse, “hands” can also mean “arms” as in the original Greek book of Revelation. All English bibles contain contradictions and errors, and thus God’s true word is spoken into people’s hearts, not written by men who made errors in spite of preserving important prophecies and histories. I don’t call myself a “Christian/ChristIam” nor junk like that but a disciple and I’m the worst sinner there is.

    • But, The word of God says Faith cometh by hearing, reading the word. So if you want faith in your life, you need to read the word, for this is the breath of God. I hear so much talk, that the bible was written by men, which is true. But those men where filled with the spirit of God, when those 66 books where written. Most of the books that paul wrote where actually letters written to the peoples he preached too and had converted to christianity and was translated.

      • Its very true, but so many evil people know the bible better than regular citizens (slaves) do, and yet they still are going to hell. Reading/listening via audio to the bible alone isn’t enough, as evidenced by 50cal’s extremely rotten and disgusting demeanor, in spite of him allegedly being a bible scholar. If reading the bible is hard for you (eye problems/ADHD/dyslexia etc) listen to it via audio by people reading it aloud such as TrumpetForYahweh/ColonelCasperKY/audio bibles.

        50cal’s ignorance of the bible astounds me, he claims the vxxxine somehow isn’t the mark of the beast. That V word (proper spelling would be labelled as spam here due to Akismet) translates to 666 in Gematrix (a gematria website). Decoding Gematria does not make one innately a witch or wizard… but helps uncover the hidden meaning of these end times agendas and pharmakeia.

        Moreover 50cal even claims to have burned all books but his bible and he still doesn’t understand basic truths or want to stop reviling/speaking cuss words, sxual words and angry hateful language that sounds like he’s about to go postal at a gas station shoppe. The New Testament and Book of Timothy (2 Timothy) spoke about that. 50cals actions and love for man/love affair for Jair Bolsonario and Ron Desatanis shows he hates god and loves man more than god.

    • “Power Rangers” atheist MMPR garbage dubs (ripoff of Christian Zyuranger show) and witchcraft being promoted to children such as Sabrina the Witch, this was decades ago, and no one took seriously anything that WASN’T about dizney’s sxual and unclean contents. We have people (sheeple) praising Universal Studios as a “non-woke” alt to dizney, and guess what U.S. has: Minions (subliminal stn’s minions programming?) and witchcraft filled Hairy Potter.

      “Mental illness” to be “managed” via ass injections, drugs, coercion and violence, are as real as viruses and biological men giving birth. No such thing as a “M.I.” – only way to get one is via pharmakeia willingly or unwillingly (preferably via childhood school vxxxines and antiepileptics which made Skylar Harris into a demon possessed “mentally ill” monster, I believe it’s from abrted fetal tissue where the demons enter the body, and they work with drugs and aluminum/graphene to cause any symptoms they want in the host).

    • So are the weird men in reindeer bot buddy outfits. Who’s funding these shows, is it really just the “liberals/left” that is doing so, because where were all these drag shows before Operation Warp Speed? Another ploy to urge people to procreate – not human babies, but Monster RNA beast babies/black eyed babies. I have a sour theory about this – both the democrats and republicans are probably funding drag shows alongside the magic potions that go into the arms/hands. Even RD and Ladapo support “all the other non MRNA safe essential” violent ASD and chronic sickness inducing childhood CDC snakebites.

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