Bodies of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers left rotting in refrigerated wagons at the Hungarian border

Bodies of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers left rotting in refrigerated wagons at the Hungarian border
Bodies of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers left rotting in refrigerated wagons at the Hungarian border

Metropol has come into possession of shocking information. Just a few hundred meters from the Hungarian border, in a carefully guarded and isolated part of a railway junction, the bodies of hundreds of soldiers are kept by the Ukrainian authorities in a refrigerated wagon specially designed for this purpose.

The soldiers lost their lives several weeks ago, and in some cases more than a month ago, but their relatives have not yet been able to bury them.

The issue of funerals is treated as the most serious political issue by President Zelenskyi’s war propaganda team. They even regulate when and at what rate relatives are informed of the news of a death, but they also carefully allocate the number of funerals allowed per day.

Obviously, they are afraid of the panic due to the increasingly massive loss of life, the despair of the relatives, and the even more dramatic deterioration of the civil and military atmosphere.

That is why the special refrigerated wagons are needed, one of which is now standing just a few hundred meters from the Hungarian border, under the strictest military custody. These special vehicles were received by Ukraine a few months ago as part of foreign military aid, and they also have self-developed refrigerated trucks for transporting dead bodies.

According to the information that has come to light so far, each of these hearse wagons has a load capacity of 50 tons, i.e. it can store approximately 500 corpses each. So far, only Al-Jazeera television was allowed by the Ukrainians to show such a refrigerated wagon, but, of course, only when it was transporting the bodies of Russian soldiers.

In Transcarpathia, a maximum of four or five bodies are removed from refrigerated wagons per day, not always in the order of death. Burials are permitted taking into account political and ethnic reasons, as well as the age of the deceased.

In Ukraine, war losses are considered a strict war secret, official information is rarely made public. Anyone who breaks the rule in any way, even with a social media post, can expect a prison sentence. In the absence of official data, there are of course no statistics for regions or nationalities. Thus, it is not possible to know how many Transcarpathians, including how many Hungarians, have sacrificed their lives so far.

Viktor Mikita, the military governor of Transcarpathia, already spoke about “hundreds” of heroic deaths in the region in the summer. Not a day goes by that the Transcarpathian press does not report on a few deaths (and these are only the known figures), based on which the number of those killed by the first year of the war was already well over a thousand.

The local Hungarians, whose proportion before the war was 10-15 percent in the region, are no exception. According to the January article of the newspaper Kárpáti Igaz Szó, Consul László Kuti in Hungary mentioned the death of twelve Hungarian or Hungarian-related soldiers (the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs financially supports the families of all Hungarian victims), however, according to other estimates, their number may be closer to a hundred.

It is certain that most Hungarians serve in the 128th mountain hunting brigade in Münkacsi, which is usually deployed during the most intense battles. It is a cause for concern that, according to partially confirmed Russian news reports, the 128th brigade was recently “smashed” during the siege of Soledar in eastern Ukraine.

According to the Russians, the loss of the Ukrainians in the battle was 20-25 thousand; this is unlikely, since such a – literally – bloodbath would have catastrophic war consequences, the signs of which are not visible. Regardless of this, it is certain that both sides brought a blood sacrifice close to tens of thousands, probably together with the wounded.

This is also confirmed by the fact that the 128th mountain hunting brigade in Münkac was finally withdrawn from the front line. Many people are puzzled as to why Transcarpathian units are always sent to the fiercest battles. This was the case before: the 128th brigade suffered heavy losses, including confirmed Hungarians, in 2015, in the infamous Debalcev battle.

Since the outbreak of the war, they have been fighting there in the bloodiest battles, first at Herszon, then in the “meat grinder” of Bahmut and Soledar. This can partly be explained by their special training and the fact that even the Russians consider them to be one of the most capable formations.

According to others, the fact that the Ukrainian military leadership prefers to send formations filled with national minorities to the front line may also play a role in this. [Metropol]


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  2. Ukraine is the last stand of the Satanists. And the survival of Nato is on the table. Throwing everything at it, but Russia is relentless. Nato is running out of supplies and solders as cannon fodder. Now Germany giving them some more tanks for Russia to destroy. Satanists will never surrender. Russia realizes that now so will have to completely destroy them. Meanwhile the FED is raising interest rates to take out their financial system. Soon the Bad Guys will turn on each other. Awesome!

    • Thanks to bozobiden, smellinsky, and khazar-sodomites in Pukraine America has a depleted arsenal. Not enough to klobber the redchinesey demonskins if they decide to annex Taiwan. Probably planned that way. Also, the way our military is treating soldiers and the trannypedohomo agenda makes real men not want to join and serve.

  3. The Jews and their White Slaves can’t win this war!
    The Bible told us that 2000 years ago!
    Global Jewish Nazism is on its last legs!
    God bless Putin, modern-day Messiah!
    God bless Free, White, Christian Russia!

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