Poleshift! Earth’s inner core seems to have stopped spinning, and may be in the process of changing direction

Constantine Johnny
Earth inner core stops spinning every 70 years pole shift. picture: Constantine Johnny

Few of us give much thought to Earth’s swirling, spinning contents until some sudden movement, an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, jolts us to our senses.

Geoscientists, though, are a little more clued into the dynamics of Earth’s guts, and have just discovered that Earth’s solid inner iron core – which usually spins within a near-frictionless molten outer envelope – appears to have slowed to a grinding halt.

Before anybody panics and searches for a copy of a terrible 20-year-old science fiction movie predicting such an event in hopes of inspiring a solution, it’s not the first time record of such an event. It’s not even the first in recent history.

“We show surprising observations that indicate the inner core has nearly ceased its rotation in the recent decade and may be experiencing a turning-back in a multidecadal oscillation, with another turning point in the early 1970s,” geophysicists Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song of Peking University in Beijing write in their published paper.

We’ve only known for a few short decades that Earth’s inner core rotates in relation to the mantle above it, since it was confirmed in 1996 by Song and fellow seismologist Paul Richards at Colombia University. Before their work, the idea that Earth’s inner core rotates separately from the rest of the planet was an unproven theory, predicted by an unproven model of Earth’s magnetic field.

Since then, earth scientists have been trying to figure out – from a distance of 5,100 kilometers (or 3,170 miles) – how fast or slow the inner core spins.

At first, the inner core was thought to make a full revolution every 400 years, driven by electromagnetic torque and balanced by gravitational pull. But other scientists soon theorized that it spins much slower, taking 1,000 years or more to fully revolve.

The speed of this rotation, and whether it varies, is still debated today. Yet the inner core carries on its merry way, unaware of the raucous debate above.

Weighing back in, Song returned to the same method he and Richards used to infer that the inner core rolls around. In 1996, the duo tracked seismic wave readings from repeated earthquakes called doublets that traversed through the inner core, from the south Atlantic to Alaska, between 1967 and 1995.

Had the inner core not moved, the shock waves should have traversed the same path. But Song and Richards showed that the seismic waves got a fraction of a second faster from the 1960s to 1990s.

Now, in the new study with Yang, Song has revisited that old data, comparing it to more recent patterns of near-identical seismic waves which suggest the inner core has slowed to a stop – and could even be reversing.

They found that since around 2009, paths that previously showed significant temporal variation have exhibited little change as seismic waves coursed through the core and out the other side. Any time difference had disappeared.

“This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused,” Yang and Song write.

It also seems that this recent stalling of the inner core is associated with a rotation reversal, Yang and Song say, the solid iron sphere slipping back the other way as part of a seven-decade oscillation.

Based on their calculations, a small imbalance in the electromagnetic and gravitational forces would be sufficient to slow, and then reverse the inner core’s rotation as observed.

That’s not all. The researchers point out that the seven-decade switcharoo coincides with other periodic changes observable at Earth’s surface, in the length of day and magnetic field, both of which have a periodicity of six to seven decades. Decades-long patterns in climate observations, of global mean temperature and sea level rise, also seem to weirdly align.

To Yang and Song, this frequent, slow-shifting, barely discernible oscillation that swings back and forth every 60 to 70 years seems to indicate “a resonance system across different Earth layers” – as if the planet is all humming to one, droning tune.

Since Earth’s inner core is believed to be dynamically linked to its outer layers, tied to the outer core by electromagnetic coupling and bound to the mantle by gravitational forces, the study could also aid our understanding of how processes deep inside our planet affect its surface – the thin crust on which we live, sitting on top of a swirling interior.

“These observations provide evidence for dynamic interactions between the Earth’s layers, from the deepest interior to the surface,” Yang and Song conclude. [Nature, Science Alert]


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  1. The world is definitely not flat, if you believe in the inner earth that goes against a flat earth theory. since it would have to be encapsulated, as flat earther people do no deny the fact that the southern hemisphere sees the moon upside down to the northern hemisphere. If there was an inner earth and the fact we see the moon in opposite views, that would be the definition of a sphere like shape. Flat earther society bans people who prove all their nonsense wrong, even though we do try to accept your view of opinions after all it does entertain us.

    • Most of these Pancake Earth with a Dome folks are just Trolls trying to Wallpaper the chat. Also trying to provoke folks. That’s why the crude language and the sing-song stupid talk. Professional agitators.

    • Yep 50cal,
      I am certain this is what really happened in Wuhan. It would be chaos if the public ever learns of this.

      • Well, at least we have Project Veritas to shine some sunlight on this business. Our leaders are in bed with big pharma-sorcery. Trump is losing support by having not condemned all the bad advisors which led him to endorse the suicide shots. Even though he made in voluntary and didn’t mandate suicide shots, he needs to suck it up, and admit he was misled. Also, he needs to say we need Nuremburg II trials so we can prosecute and execute these scumbags.

    • Well, hypothetically our leaders and their shills deserve to hang by their necks this bout of treason. I can’t wait for this to come out, may life’s karma throw this information into limelight so justicecan prevail

  2. Ninety different scriptures in the Bible say the earth is flat, motionless and set on four pillars. You insult God’s with your careless, brainwashed words. I’m going with what God Himself says, because everything the Satanic government ever told me was a lie.

    • I’ve read several different Bibles. Cover to cover. Never left with even a hint that the Earth is a pancake with a dome. Twist it how you wish. They have places for folks who can’t distinguish what’s real and what isn’t. This is a stupid conversation. Sorry. Very stupid. 🙂

    • Well my god predates yours by some 9000 years I follow the teachings of anu and his ancient Iran based zaroztrians who knew we lived on a Shere with a host of magnetic and electrical frequencies that could be manipulated so they consigned us as caretakers of life on this planet, all was going well until some nefarious race decided to f#ck it all up through greed.

  3. Hmmm, this is one of those factual signs that a magnetic polar flip is coming add it to our magnetosphere that is resembling Swiss cheese as its so full of holes once we get an x class solar flare it will vastly accelerate our polar flip that will probably be followed by a micronova which will put so much volcanic Ash into our atmosphere we will be brought abruptly into a new ice age the size of the one we had 12000 years ago, funnily enough these naturally occurring ice ages do work on a 12000 year cycle

      • Yep these “passing planets” were a big part of zaroztrian culture, its rumoured that our gods came from one of these passing planets, it’s said our next God to come will be nisroch and he has an eagles head, so far I’d say the tyler or tylo system of planets are the rumoured passing planets because of their ecliptical orbit within our own galactic 640 000 year orbit is constant and the keiper belt lies behind them.

  4. World is upset indeed and pole shift that we all were waiting will happen when quakes of 8.5 plus to 9.5 will shaken the west coast of USA .. Then we know is time for pole shift.. California to Alaska and
    all quake zone around the world is shaking so much.. Already we have seen over 200 atom bombs gone off the planets including all bombs experimented in Ukraine -Russia war.. it was strange Ukrainian were dancing in clubs then next day Russian attacked Ukraine? WW3 is every one armies are ready accept the people of nations? News in USA is nothing like we are sheep lol..

  5. Seems to coincide to the solar cycles as we head into the next GSMax but then there’s those HAARPs a blazing away on our Magnetosphere. Might affect Hapgoods hapinstance !

    • Yep these “passing planets” were a big part of zaroztrian culture, its rumoured that our gods came from one of these passing planets, it’s said our next God to come will be nisroch and he has an eagles head, so far I’d say the tyler or tylo system of planets are the rumoured passing planets because of their ecliptical orbit within our own galactic 640 000 year orbit is constant and the keiper belt lies behind them.

    • Those idiots atHaarp might accelerate the process, couple that with our globalists trying to reduce CO2 which will increase naturally as the planet fights to stave off ice ace age temps, which coincidentally we are starting to see – 80c in siberia and – 53/54c in China and the artic blast in the americas.

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    • Flat earthtard’s job is to make websites ( like SS ) look stupid. Except only the flat earthtards look stupid. Nobody here buys the horseshit you are peddling.

  6. I don’t think these scientists have a clue. Everything going on is related to the approach of Nibiru. Even the troubles on the Space Station. Something they should evacuate right away.

  7. Adding to my list of potential disasters to be concerned about I guess? Doesn’t sound as bad as the pole shift, asteroid collision, or solar EMP though. ?

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