Depleted Uranium ammunitions for Ukraine! Radioactive destruction of the Bread Basket of Europe: The West is supplying a kind of dirty nuclear weapon that will pollute the air, water and soil


By delivering Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunitions to Ukraine, are they trying to completely turn the bread basket of Europe into a radioactive mess to further push famine around the world?

Depleted Uranium Ammunitions for Ukraine
Depleted Uranium Ammunitions for Ukraine

The most important thing about a battle tank is not its engine, armor or gun, but the shells it fires. They have to penetrate the enemy’s armor.

This works best with uranium ammunition. For this purpose, the projectiles are coated with depleted uranium.

Good news for Ukraine: The tanks that Germany, Great Britain and the USA have promised shoot this ammunition. And as reported by the UK parliament, British tanks gifted to Ukraine will come equipped with controversial depleted uranium rounds

Small collateral effect: On impact, the uranium mantle shatters into a radioactive cloud of dust that contaminates the air, water and soil for years and decades.

In other words, uranium ammunitions are a kind of dirty nuclear weapon.

The consequences are cancer and/or deformities that affect soldiers and the civilian population, wild animals and crops. This can still be observed today in Iraq and in the Balkans where the USA // NATO generously fired uranium shells.

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Balkan Syndrome

Balkans Syndrome is a recent term that has been widely used in the media to describe a heterogenous group of medical conditions that presented in soldiers following deployment on military operations to the former Yugoslavia and its neighbouring countries, where Depleted Uranium ammunitions have been used.

The use of Depleted Uranium projectiles has been associated with cancer among NATO soldiers.

At least 300 Italian soldiers may have died from exposure to depleted uranium in Bosnia and Kosovo – but the Italian authorities continue to deny the existence of a connection.


More than 300,000 Depleted Uranium rounds are estimated to have been fired during the 2003 Iraq war, the vast majority by US forces. A small fraction were from UK tanks, the coordinates for which were provided to the UN Environment Programme. A further 782,414 DU rounds are believed to have been fired during the earlier conflict in 1991, mostly by US forces.

Around the city of Basra, the radiation exposure later reached about 20x the normal value. Children in particular who played on Iraqi tank wrecks became seriously ill.

The number of cancer cases increased dramatically in the years after 2003. Brain tumors, bone cancer, physical deformities, but above all leukemia exploded in number. Thousands of children and adults died from the deadly diseases. Many US soldiers are now dying from cancers and related illnesses due to those weapons.

Iraqi oncologist Dr. Jenan Ghalib Hassan stated in 2014: “Before 1990 we had about 15 new leukemia cases a year. That number has risen to as many as 200 new cases a year since the 2003 war.

Ukraine as the bread basket of Europe

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has returned to its pre-revolutionary position as a major agricultural exporter of key commodities. It has a significant global market share by volume in wheat (10%), barley (13%), corn (15%), and sunflower oil (50%) and is ranked the fifth, second, third, and first largest exporter respectively of these crops.

After the beginning of the war, the exportations first decreased dramatically before recovering after the Black Sea Grain Initiative. So Ukraine still plays a very important role.

Ukraine’s wheat and corn exports recover under Black Sea Grain Initiative
Ukraine’s wheat and corn exports recover under Black Sea Grain Initiative

The fact that Great Britain now wants to deliver highly toxic armor-piercing depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine is more than worrying. It is indeed the bread basket of Europe… But nobody in the West seems to care.

Who will want to buy grains from Ukraine, when it is known that uranium depleted ammunitions are being fired across the country? Nobody, or only those who will have no other choices…

Of course, the western allies will claim that the released radioactivity is too small to hurt, almost homeopathic, and that all reports from Iraq and Yugoslavia about deformities and cancers are exaggerated or fake.

And that’s really more than just irresponsible.

As you all know, this stuff doesn’t disappear overnight. It will accumulate in the fertile soils and in the undergroud aquifers.

Does the West plan to set up a router to separate healthy (for the 1st world) and contaminated grain (for the 3rd world) in the future – because perhaps it doesn’t want to eat it itself?

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Again, Depleted Uranium ammunitions are a kind of dirty nuclear weapon

This is precisely what Moscow has warned the West about. “We would be forced to react,” Vladimir Putin said again when his guest from China visited.

And again, let’s be clear: it is the West that is introducing a nuclear component to Ukraine’s battlefields, not Russia. Everything else is classic disinformation.

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  1. Depleted uranium ammo has only lower levels of radiation in most cases, especially of that employed by the US (can’t speak for Italy), and are used in military vehicle armor and ammunition because they’re substantially denser than even lead, not because they’re intended to be used as some form of dirty-nuclear warfare. There’s a reason this article doesn’t state the RADs recorded from a typical DU round and the standard level of radiation generally considered hazardous. In the referenced article it even stated that the kids playing in the rubble took the found bullets out of the casings and brought them home and kept them in their house for years, and that even the possibility of military DU posing a hazard to civilians is still unconfirmed and under investigation, that’s telling.

  2. Probably shouldn’t be using depleted uranium rounds. There are other rounds that can penetrate and explode inside the enemy tank.

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