Is the Ukraine war about to get more serious? WHO updates critical medicines list for radiological and nuclear emergencies…

WHO updates critical medicines list for radiological and nuclear emergencies
WHO updates critical medicines list for radiological and nuclear emergencies

The World Health Organization (WHO) today updated its list of medicines that should be stockpiled for radiological and nuclear emergencies, along with policy advice for their appropriate management. These stockpiles include medicines that either prevent or reduce exposure to radiation, or treat injuries once exposure has occurred.

“In radiation emergencies, people may be exposed to radiation at doses ranging from negligible to life-threatening. Governments need to make treatments available for those in need – fast,” said Dr Maria Neira, WHO Acting Assistant Director-General a.i, Healthier Populations Division. “It is essential that governments are prepared to protect the health of populations and respond immediately to emergencies. This includes having ready supplies of lifesaving medicines that will reduce risks and treat injuries from radiation.”

Key highlights

  • This publication supersedes the 2007 WHO report on the development of national stockpiles for radiation emergencies. It includes updated information on the stockpile formulary based on the developments in radiation emergency medicine in the last decade.
  • It provides policy advice for acquisition of drugs which can prevent or reduce radionuclides uptake or increase elimination of radionuclides from the human body.
  • It looks at the main elements required for developing, maintaining and managing the national stockpiles of specific medical supplies which will be required for radiological and nuclear emergencies.
  • The report looks at the role of national health authorities in stockpile development as well as the role of WHO. As the leading international organization in public health with both the authority and responsibility to assist in health emergencies, WHO provides advice and guidance to countries on public health preparedness and response to radiation emergencies, including stockpile development. In health emergencies WHO may assist in procuring or sharing medical supplies among countries.
  • This report includes a brief review of selected emerging technologies and drug formulations, including potential repurposing of products previously approved for other indications.
  • Finally, the publication provides examples of practices in establishing and managing a national stockpile in selected countries, namely Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation and USA.

“This updated critical medicines list will be a vital preparedness and readiness tool for our partners to identify, procure, stockpile and deliver effective countermeasures in a timely fashion to those at risk or exposed in these events,” said Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme.

Typically, a national stockpile for all-hazards health emergencies would include generic supplies and materials used for any type of emergencies, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), trauma kits, fluids, antibiotics and painkillers. This publication includes only specific drugs which are known and licensed today to prevent or treat human over-exposure to radiation.

Radiological and nuclear emergencies may result in exposure to radiation doses high enough to lead to severe health consequences or even death. It is therefore extremely important that governments respond rapidly to such threats. Many countries, however, still lack the essential elements of preparedness for radiation emergencies, according to annual reporting to the WHO Secretariat.

Potential scenarios considered in the publication include radiological or nuclear emergencies at nuclear power plants, medical or research facilities, or accidents during transport of radioactive materials, as well as intentional uses of radioactive materials with malicious intent.

Components of a pharmaceutical stockpile for radiation emergencies

This publication focuses on pharmaceuticals for treating radiation exposure and addresses the governance and management of such a stockpile. A typical radiation emergency stockpile will include the following medicines:

  • Stable iodine, administered to prevent or reduce the exposure of the thyroid to radioactive iodine;
  • Chelating sand decorporating agents (Prussian blue, applied to remove radioactive caesium from the body and calcium- / zinc-DTPA used to treat internal contamination with transuranium radionuclides);
  • Cytokines used for mitigation of damage to the bone marrow, in case of acute radiation syndrome (ARS); and
  • Other medicines used to treat vomiting, diarrhoea and infections.

Emerging treatments and countermeasures also discussed in the report give insight to the future medical countermeasures that could be used for managing patients overexposed to radiation. In particular, studies identifying new cellular and molecular pathways and means of administrating drugs may be exploited for novel treatments and new products for use during a radiation emergency.

Emergency preparedness, response and recovery saves lives

Coordination of local, national and international responses is essential for a harmonized response to radiation emergencies. As the agency responsible for guiding healthcare interventions globally, WHO provides advice and ensures access to medicines and health services for countries that are developing national capacity for preparedness and response to radiation emergencies.

WHO’s global expert network, REMPAN

WHO’s global expert network, REMPAN (Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network), is an important asset of the Organization for implementing its work on providing technical guidance and tools for response, delivering activities for building capacity through education and training, and on promoting international cooperation and information-sharing between the members of the network and the professional community in the field of radiation emergency medicine.

WHO is a member of ICARNE, the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies, which provides the coordination mechanism between 20 international organizations with relevant mandates. Members of IACRNE develop, maintain and co-sponsor the Joint Radiation Emergency Management Plan of the International Organizations (JPlan 2017). The JPlan describes a common understanding of each organization’s roles in making preparedness arrangements and during a response and recovery. [WHO]

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  8. By the way, some Q&A round about Ukraine war (or NATO proxy war against Russia):

    Q: Why did Russia invade the Ukraine?
    A: To protect the Russians in the Donbass and prevent an Ukrainian incursion into Russia.
    Q: Why?
    A: The Donbass is Russian and was about to be destroyed.
    Q: How?
    A: 100 000 Ukrainian soldiers and paramilitaries were concentrated in the east ready to attack.
    Q: Why?
    A: The Donbass broke away from Kiev after Maidan in 2014.
    Q: Why?
    A: They refused to be ruled by a Washington puppet regime.
    Q: Why is Washington so interested in the Ukraine?
    A: To create hostilities with Russia and to launder money.
    Q: Why?
    A: Regime change.
    Q: Why?
    A: The Putin regime is not submissive to Washington.
    Q: Why the Atlanticists want to control Russia?
    A: It`s one of the few remaining territories outside of their control and they want TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION.
    Q: Who are the Atlanticists?
    A: USA, UK and Israel.
    Q: Why can`t they work with Putin administration?
    A: Putin refuses to allow them to pillage Russia`s resources like they do everywhere else. Also Russia rejects liberalism, a key component to the Atlanticist control apparatus.
    Q: Do the Atlanticists want to break up Russia?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Why?
    A: Russia is a major obstacle to the New World Order.
    Q: What is the New World Order?
    A: A one world government, a technocratic totalitarian regime with an elite class ruling over the entire world, where everyone lives in smart cities and with everything connected to the smart grid internet. Every individual is chipped and permanently monitored, every movement is tracked, all speech is censored, food synthetic and sexual contact and reproduction are prohibited, similar to Brave New World.
    Q: Isn`t this contrary to what America and the west stand for?
    A: Yes.
    Q: So does this mean western governments that have been democratically elected are not really in power?
    A: Yes.
    Q: So the west is built on lies?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Who is in power?
    A: The Deep State.
    Q: What is the Deep State?
    A: The permanent government institutions such as the CIA and various think-tanks such as Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.
    Q: Who controls these?
    A: The inner core elites, mainly bankers and industrialists.
    Q: Who controls the Ukraine?
    A: Igor Kolomoisky, George Soros and Washington.
    Q: Who controls Russia?
    A: Vladimir Putin.
    Q: Who controls the EU?
    A: Washington DC.
    Q: Who controls Washington DC?
    A: Tel-Aviv.

    Q: Who is winning the war in Ukraine?
    A: Russia.
    Q: Can the Ukraine win?
    A: No.
    Q: Is there any chance at all the Ukraine can win?
    A: No.
    Q: Why?
    A: Attrition rates are unsustainable for the Ukraine and Russia has air superiority.
    Q: Isn`t Russia suffering considerable losses?
    A: Yes, but Russia can absorb these losses and is only utilizing 15 to 20 percent of its forces.
    Q: Has Ukraine made any gains or recaptured any territory?
    A: Yes, some local counterattacks have regained some lost territory, but nothing significant and Ukrainian forces have been unable to hold on to these small gains.
    Q: What about Kiev and northern Ukraine earlier in the conflict? Were these not significant Ukrainian victories?
    A: No. The Russian army withdrew. They were not defeated or forced to withdraw.
    Q: But Kiev, the collective west and the media claimed it was major Ukrainian victory.
    A: They lied.
    Q: They would do that?
    Q: Why did they withdrew? Isn`t their objective to occupy the Ukraine?
    A: They stationed their units outside of Kiev for the purpose of holding up Ukrainian forces, keeping them away from the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, which is Russia`s first objective. This is known as maneuver warfare.
    Q: What are Russia`s primary objectives?
    A: Liberate and secure the Donbass, that is the 2 republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, take the entire coastal south all the way to Romania, take the Kharkov region and then push forward all the way to the Dnipro river and Kiev. Anything beyond this is speculation.
    Q: Will Russia take all of Ukraine?
    A: Very likely, yes.
    Q: Could Russia take all of the Ukraine?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Could Russia hold all of the Ukraine?
    A: Temporarily yes, but western Ukraine would be a serious problem.
    Q: Why?
    A: The local population is extremely belligerent towards Russia, as is Poland which shares a long border with this region. Russian forces would be within range of EU air, artillery and rocket strikes, not to mention local partisans and militias.
    Q: How does Russia plan on winding down this conflict?
    A: By consolidating their gains in the east and south, weakening the Ukrainian military, rendering it ineffective, taking Kiev and installing their own Moscow-friendly regime.
    Q: But won`t any Moscow-friendly government be seen as illegitimate in the collective west and outright rejected by western Ukraine as it repeats what the Donbass did in 2014 following the Maidan?
    A: Yes, exactly.
    Q: How will Russia handle this?
    A: They will balkanize the Ukraine into 3 or 4 states, they may just stay out of and leave western Ukraine to Poland which is already merged with Ukraine in some respects. The east and south may become independent or be incorporated into Russia proper, leaving a central rump Ukraine which will be forced to neutrality.
    Q: Why has the USA not intervened directly in this conflict?
    A: Because they know they will lose.
    Q: Why?
    A: The USA does not have the resolve and motivation to win a direct war with Russia, whose population absolutely has the determination and resolve to win.
    Q: Why?
    A: The Russian people understand that the collective west hates them and wants to destroy their country.
    Q: Why does the collective west hate Russia?
    A: Russia cannot be controlled…
    Q: Will the west give up on trying to take down Russia?
    A: Intermittently yes, long term – NO.
    Q: How can Russia put an end to this?
    A: Break Washington`s grip on Europe.


    • Spot on. Only thing to add is our Military not on board. Does not support the Biden Administration. Another reason the US and Nato not directly involved. Nato would be, but no US Military support. NWO losing power.

      • Gary,
        Homobama kicked out alot good military guys, remember?

        Now he and his apewife, are calling for police reform when his supporters were dismantling/defunding the police. That made many good police quit/retire. Then all the affirmative action hires replaced them. That causes problems, like what happened with the brutality case in the news. New hires playing cowboy.

      • I hope it loses power but… What I see in comments on jewtube or just in my closes environment, unfortunately vast majority are brainwashed idiots fully supporting us gov, NATO, EU and NWO agenda including chipping… This is depressing. What a blessing that there is something like death and I will not live in this shit for eternity.

      • .50cal

        Thank you! Yes, there are some sane people seeing the truth! Putin is the only president and only politician in the world I know who is at least trying to defend own nation and represent its interests. Despite all real and potential flaws and scandals, in contrary to other politicians, Putin is a strong man, with strong will, very intelligent, charismatic, athletic, skilled in many things, he can play a piano, he can fly bombers (he flew Tu-160), he is hunting, goes fishing, he does many sports, he is good in judo and spiritually he has bright green aura and lot of power. He is idealist and has an idea of building powerful Russia.

        And what you said about military staff in USA, exactly the same happened in communist-fascist Poland! Over 200 generals and colonels were foocked out from service, just because they had some little shreds of independent thinking and were uncomfortable for current leading party, which is the worst, most shameful and most disgusting scum in history who ever ruled Poland!

      • Funeral Conductor,

        Yeah, he is more a real man than our clown-in-chief. He doesn’t want pervert propaganda or weak men(pussies). Lol.

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      • Well there are loads of this scum, but I know what is going about… There are also mafias like illuminati, masonery, UN, FEMA, UNICEF, UNESCO, tavistock institute, CIA, FBI, trilateral commission, rockefellers, rotshilds, wallenbergs, wall street, FAO, vatican, world bank, IMF, bilderberg club, club of rome, blackwater…. Foock it all!

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