Volcanic update: Alert level raised at 3 volcanoes in the US – Magmatic uplift at Aniakchak, Alaska – 1000s earthquakes rattle Chiles-Cerro Negro in Ecuador/Colombia


The alert level was recent changed at 3 volcanoes in the United States: 1 volcano in Hawaii & 2 in Alaska.

Ecuador was hit two days ago by a deadly M6.8 earthquake. Meanwhile, on its border with Colombia, an intense earthquake swarm involving thousands of earthquakes is ongoing at Chiles-Cerro Negro volcano which has not produced a confirmed and undisputed eruption in more than 10,000 years.

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In Alaska, magmatic uplift was likely detected at the Aniakchak volcano which is currently at an alert level of yellow.

There are 43 volcanoes which are actively erupting across the planet.

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  1. Alaska and S. America have had plenty of red earthquake dots on the interactive map. Kenai had a 5.1mag yesterday too. Previous days a couple of small mag quakes. Indonesia is red hot as usual too.

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