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As you know, I cannot (banned last year) and I don’t want to run ads on this site anymore (Google and other programmatic ads- respespectively videos- networks). I think most of you are happy with it.

But having a website is costly. And starting today, I will run each week a fundraising and reach out to you readers for financial support to keep StrangeSounds online.

Your support helps pay for web site hosting, data-transfer charges and my work… Remember, WHEN YOU READ STORIES on this site, it’s free for YOU, but I have to pay for “Data Transfer” to send the stories to YOU.

It costs about $500 a week to keep all this operational and I cannot do it without YOUR financial help. Please donate right now with a credit or debit card!

If a few more people choose to support my work, I could expose more lies, root out more corruption, and call out more hypocrites.

So, if you can afford it, please support my endeavor by either using PAYPAL or the DonorBox below (PAYPAL & Credit Cards / Debit Cards accepted)…

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  1. Please put article about IRAN so we can put Emergency NEWS for WW3 started from Iran via Hamass and Hezboullah… Iran will be nuked in 3 weeks the door is opened and will be closing in 3 weeks… Nukes of Israel and USA are at Iran now… If Iran freed we will givw you unlimited space
    linux servers in Iran… We owe it to you Manuel… Global Jihadist are activated world wide we ask
    every one shop from 9am to 2pm… Stop going populated stores after that….

  2. This is best place to exercise your opinion and get open source intel world wide! If you want be zealots and take the bait for the USA … then is up to you.. We do not take the the bait of UK..
    Even British people demonstrating and saying King Charles is not our King? UK destroyed this nations to own it.. If you say you love USA then do not play in hands of MI6!

  3. Very disturbing: In addition to traumatic prone restraints and scream rooms already being utilised in the nationwide (and worldwide) human CAFOs known as “schools”, TN wants to handcuff “neurodiverse” students. Why?

    What are the effects of vcccine aluminum/graphene in the brain – is aluminum linked to academic/ognitive delays/deficits in learning and violent behavior?

  4. Seriously horrifying and disturbing website Loss of Brain Trust… its articles should be major news headlines everywhere, especially on Strange Sounds, but they aren’t yet.

    West Virginia (and Mississippi, from what I heard for years) don’t allow any exceptions for childhood vcccines (except maybe the new “worse” ones) and now WV is coming to brutalise/experiment on violent ASD victims with L.E. gangs, psych wards and psych medications. “Neurodiversity” is the scariest movie ever, it should be a movie.

  5. I like the substack better. You seem to overlap the articles across both domains? Akismet is better than disqus, but lacks features. Some sites have more robust akismet features. Edit buttons, thumbs up, and down.
    Substack has better posting and edit capabilities, but their address is same as disqus. Market street in poopville?

    Probably be easier to just use substack?

      • Manuel, please don’t let 50cal/OffGridMan continue to destroy this website.

        50cal is a danger to himself and others and has made death threats (telling me to jump off a cliff) numerous times, I think he has Aspergers/HFA by his strange and repetitive texts and behavior. He refuses to see doctors at all, which disturbs me. Please block 50cal and all his accounts here before his cyberbullying gets worse against me and others he has attacked.

        50cal has a dangerous superiority complex and violently attacks anyone with the slightest opposition to his extreme MAGA beliefs, even if we post facts he does not like. 50cal is a major threat to others and himself and should be reported to a mental health institution.

      • Beware that 50cal is a massive liar and backstabber. He falsely accuses me of being what he calls me. Don’t take seriously anything 50cal says, Manuel.

      • I try to warn him about bad things DJT and RD do, not opinions but solid facts from several true alternative news sources I find (Health Impact News, TimTruth, Skydome Atlantis etc) and it makes 50cal into a bull in a China shoppe. People, especially the lost O.S.A.S.* Christians, want a savior to solve their regions problems, and Thessalonians warns us those who hate truth/choose other saviors – besides Christ ALONE – will be given strong delusions and believe lies, even the very elect.

        *”Once Saved Always Saved” is a popular lie spread by Jack Chick’s KJV-onlyist “Gospel” tracks we had at a Presbyterian church back in the 2000’s.

        I have prayed that 50cal would change, but he’s only getting worse each day.

      • Manuel,
        Please check todays time stamps on posts made by the trollbecile. He started up right away with harassment/lying on two posts. He plays crybully. Starts trouble, and then crys to you like a child having a spaz attack when I school him. It is clearly obvious he is a mental case 5150.
        Thank you.

      • Visitor / aka Annoymous trollecile,
        Telling somebody to jump off a cliff. Or jump in the lake is not a death threat. You are a sodomite drama queen. Go play with your coloring books, fricken weirdo!

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