Stinky: Bird builds a nest in a dead dingo's rectum



A zebra finch has made a rather unique nest for its eggs — inside the dried carcass of a dingo, hanging from a tree.

The nest was discovered by ABC reporters Chris Lewis and Jo Prendergast, during a road trip in Western Australia’s Murchison region. 

“We saw this wild dog strung up in a tree, so we thought we’d take a look — and when we pulled up, a bird flew out of the cavity where you would say its bum was,” Ms Prendergast said.

Ms Prendergast said the carcass looked and smelled like it had been there for a week or so. 

“It was starting to be a bit smelly … I just hope that dog and the branch it’s resting on hang in there long enough for those little finches to hatch,” she said.

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