Mysterious illness outbreak kills one kindergartner in Detroit


An unknown illness with flu-like symptoms has sickened children in at least two school facilities in Detroit and one student has died.

Everyday scarier than the last… I hope they can figure out what is causing this immediately…

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  1. More and more young people cannot work due to childhood v induced disabilities/A.I. taking away jobs/our violent and bitter-hearted society and its bad workforce. Have fun working 2+ jobs and still having to pay more and more money for basic necessities and food, 50cannotbe. The America you knew from the 20th century is permanently gone and it’s not coming back. That’s a fact.

    See the 2023 movie “A Fools Paradise” and watch Full Spectrum Survival on Youtube. Many young people want to work but can’t due to ASD/disabilities caused by aluminum and childhood v’s, A.I. taking away jobs from humans, squalid workplace conditions, etc and you’re still blinded by the religion of patriotism/constitution worship. Never went to high school and won’t be going to college either. The corporate education system is childhood and adolescent slavery, USA and worldwide. Take off the lens of liberal vs conservative because both lens are 100% crooked.

  2. You obviously have no spiritual maturity and you mindlessly attack the mentally disabled victims of childhood vaxxines, 50cal. Health Impact News warns about the scam of voting and how both parties fully support childhood vaxxines. Please watch Full Spectrum Survival on Youtube and you’ll see you cannot “work” your way out of what’s coming. Many people have 2+ jobs and are still poor.

  3. You remind me of “The Vigilant Christian” who had an entire series of videos exposing his foul, prideful, deviant, antichrist behavior by Andrew Ashby and ColCasperKY on Bit-Chute. Keep doing this nastiness and someone will eventually expose you to the world, 50cull. You’re following the exact same path of all those deceased celebrities ColCasperKY warns about (hint: it’s not heaven). 50cull you have an antichrist spirit and time’s almost up.

  4. Anonymous aka Vistor back to his Anonymous/TDS identity. Doesn’t work, doesn’t vote, doesn’t pay income taxes, sits on his ass at his mommy and daddy’s house and spams good sites like SS with rubbish, makes up lies to Manuel concerning death threats, pretends like nobody is wise to his repetitive drivel. Thinks he has all the answers with zero real world experience, lol. Either it’s his autism broken record drivel, or his USA /Babylon drivel. At least 100 posts with these two themes.

    Holier than thou, yeshuatard baloney all day long. Same old crap. STFU and quit with your horseshit.

  5. The heartbreaking result of DJT’s poisonous “fake” v’s alongside the massive (and completely unsafe at any level, don’t fall for the “safer smaller schedule” either) childhood v schedule leading to 4 decades of complex and severe disabilities in school aged children, who later become adults with these severe disorders. Come out of the patriotism trap and political traps, USA Babalon is rotting inside out since her D.O.B. in 1776 (the year honoring freemason Ben Franklin’s “reincarnation” as a sun god.)

  6. Pneumonic brain-eating amoebas? Probably some new bioweaponized germs being unleashed upon the population? I don’t know, but these wackos hate kids, and abort them as fast as they can. They like targeting old people too.

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