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Are we Heading to This Again? Starvation and Cannibalism During Man-Made Famine in 1920s Russia

Standing solemnly in their thick winter coats behind a table laden with children's body parts. This is the...

Brazil Is Digging Thousands Upon Thousands of Mass Graves in Sao Paulo as the Country Is Overwhelmed by the Pandemic

Now it is Latin America's turn to face the pain of the COVID-19 storm that has spread west across the globe.

Hungry Seagulls Kill Pigeons and Rats as Lockdown Deprives Them of Food in Rome, Italy

Seagulls in Rome take to killing rats and pigeons... As the lockdown deprives them of food scraps.

New Dangerous Species of ‘Murder Hornet’ Invades the U.S.: The Deadly Asian Giant Hornet Kills 50 People Per Year and Decimates Entire Beehives in Just Hours

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get worse... Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the United States...

Honey Bees Are Struggling With Their Own Pandemic and There Could Be More on the Way

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis Affect the Very Top of Earth’s Atmosphere Much Like Solar Flares Do

When the Earth trembles, even the edge of space moves. Researchers  have known for decades that earthquakes and...

Dam Breach Forces Evacuation of Thousands in Uzbekistan (Video)

A dam recently built has burst in Uzbekistan, sending water rushing toward villages on the floodplain downstream from the Sardoba Reservoir in...

Strange Sound From the Sky Over Lakewood, Colorado

The strange sounds are back in Lakewood, Colorado again. They were reported this morning, May 2, 2020, about...

Strong M5.4 Earthquake Hits Puerto Rico Knocking Out Power and Causing Widespread Damage Just an Hour Before a M6.6 Earthquake Strikes Crete in Greece

A 5.5-magnitude earthquake hit near southern Puerto Rico on Saturday, briefly knocking out power and jolting many from their beds on an...

Strong and Shallow M6.6 Earthquake Strikes Greece

Crete has been hit by a major M6.6 earthquake on May 2, 2020. The huge tremor hit this...

Hundreds of Towering Hydrothermal Chimneys Belching Superheated Liquid Warmed by Magma Discovered on Seafloor off Washington

In the dark ocean depths off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, a magical fairyland of towering spires and hydrothermal chimneys sprout...

Hundreds of Lorikeets Drop Out of the Sky in Australia – Is a New Killer Virus Spreading at an Alarming Rate?

Lorikeet paralysis syndrome has killed hundreds of birds in across Australia Experts say the disease spreads when the birds...

Piglets Aborted, Chickens Gassed… And Soon Cattle

What's going on when the pandemic slams the meat sector? Hundreds of thousands of piglets are aborted and...

Warning of Giant Tsunami to Hit Japan… And Fukushima Will Be Submerged Again

The Japanese government says a tsunami of up to 30 meters (100 feet) could hit the country’s northeast in the case of...

A Funny Ironic Video

The Government has made an ad about its response to the pandemic... And it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Earth Wobbles Before Big Earthquakes

'Wobble' may precede some great earthquakes... Japan shifted east, west, east before devastating 2011 quake and tsunami. Same...

Decomposing Bodies Found in Trucks Parked in Front of Brooklyn Funeral Home

“Bodies are coming out of our ears.” The funeral home director used the trucks for overflow storage, but...

Thousands of Fish Wash UP ALIVE on Beach in Acapulco, Mexico (Video)

Mother Nature is just terrible with us this year! Even the wild animals, the birds of the sky,...

51 New Elongated Skulls Found in Ancient Hungarian Cemetery

Archeologists have just unearthed dozens of skeletons with deformed elongated skulls in an ancient Hungarian cemetery. This new...

Hundreds of Birds Trapped on Cruise Ship in Russia (video)

Hundreds of grey petrels were trapped overnight after landing on the ship Vitus Bering sailing to Kholmsk, Russia.

Thousands of Seabirds Wash Up Dead on Scotland Beaches

In the last few days, thousands of guillemots have been washing up on beaches across the north-east of Scotland.

Another Hundreds of Birds Drop Dead on CRUISE SHIP Open Deck – Something Odd Is Going On

Hundreds of birds were discovered dead on a cruise ship open deck by the crew on April 24, 2020.

U.S. Navy Officially Acknowledges 3 UFO Incidents and Releases Videos

The U.S. Navy has officially acknowledged three UFO incidents reported by F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilots. And it has now released video of...

Rare Smoke Ring Puffed By Kamchatka Volcano During Powerful Eruption (Video)

The highest volcano of Eurasia, the Klyuchevskoy volcano, is currently erupting. And during its eruptive phase that has...

Are All These Bright Meteor Fireballs Exploding in the Night Sky a Sign of the End Times?

In the last several nights, many bright meteor fireballs have been captured by cameras around the world. Is...

Strange Blue and Purple Lights Glowing in the Night Sky Across the World Baffle Skywatchers

Skywatchers have started reporting mysterious blue and purple lights in different places across the world in the last few weeks.

Boy Eaten Alive by Stray Pigs After Wandering Out of His House in India

Four-year-old V. Harshavardhan was killed by a herd of wild pigs as he played near his home in Hyderbad, India.

Scary Strange Sounds in the Sky Over Domodedovo, Russia (Video)

Strange sounds were heard and recorded in Domodedovo, Russia on April 17, 2020. The noise sounds like a...

Violent Hailstorms Destroy Crops and Damage Homes and Cars Across the World (Videos)

There is an increasing number of devastating storms currently forming around the world. Crops, homes and cars are...