Numbers station and mysterious broadcasts: UVB-76, The Lincolnshire Poacher, The Backwards Music Station, The Yosemite Sam Transmission

OMG! What is this creepy noise.

But what is actually a numbers station and what is it used for?

Numbers stations are a type of shortwave radio station composed by unusual broadcasts ressembling morse code messages, but incomprehensible.

The following list contains several, if not all, numbers station audio recordings captured around the world. Unexplained:

and here a selection of the most creepy:

The Buzzer / Radio Station UVB-76

This mysterious numbers station was first reported in 1982, but may have been on air as early as 1976. The nickname ‘Buzzer’ comes from the fact that this numbers station emits a buzzing sound approximtely 25 times every minute on the frequency 4625kHz.

But where it becomes creepy is when the buzzing is interrupted by a Russian voice speaking out a series of names and numbers.

UVB-76 has been located in the abandoned town of Povarovo, Russia. The transmitter is now believed to be near Pskov. The purpose of UVB-76 remains a mystery… Spy messages? Channel reserved for military emergencies? dead hand” system during the Cold War? The UVB-76 mystery remains:


The Lincolnshire Poacher

The mysterious transmission known as ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher‘ consists of the classic folk song, followed by an English female voice reading out a series of numbers. It is commonly believed that the source of the broadcast was a British RAF base located in Cyprus.

The Yosemite Sam Transmission

The unexplained ‘Yosemite Sam Transmission’ was first discovered in 2004. The broadcast emits every 2 minutes on shortwave frequencies 3700 kHz, 4300 kHz, 6500 kHz, and 10500 kHz. It consists of a brief buzzing noise that lasts around 800 milliseconds followed by the Yosemite Sam’s classic line “Varmint! I’m a gonna blow you to smithereens”. 

RAF Montrose – A Haunting Broadcast

Do you believe in ghosts? The staff and volunteers at Montrose Air Station claims that an old Pye Wireless radio on display started to randomly play World War II transmissions featuring speeches from Winston Churchill and big band music by the Glenn Miller Orchestra WITH NO POWER SOURCE and LACKING ANY COMPONENTS FOR BROADCASTING.

The Old Tape (WKCR 89.9 New York)

‘The Old Tape’ was first discovered in 1995 while listening to WKCR 89.9 New York and consists of an ear-piercing shrill, heavy breathing… and finally a distorted female voice reading out names and dates. Is this a hoax? Or a copy of the ghostly EVP.

The Backwards Music Station (also known as ‘The Whalesong’)

The Backward music stations is irritating like nails going down a chalkboard or a continuous grinding of metal. Annoying! The signal is commonly believed to be broadcasting from two unknown locations within the United States and the United Kingdom:

The Max Headroom Incident

This is so crazy! A TV pirate used Headroom’s likeness in a series of demon-like, nightmare-inducing transmissions that hijacked US television signals for 25s during the 9 o’clock news on WGN and Doctor Who on WTTW on November 22, 1987.

But two hours later he interrupted Doctor Who during 90 seconds with heavily distorted audio. OMG!

Zombie Apocalypse Alert

Get prepared for the zombie apocalypse… It is on its way! This rather humorous transmission occurred in February 2013 and was broadcasted in Montana, Michigan and New Mexico. LOL!

A Warning from Beyond the Stars

Stars are emitting signals and someone claims he is an extraterrestrial being – Vrillon from the Ashtar Galactic Command or Asteron from the Intergalactic Mission. The broadcast is considered a hoax but the source of the transmission and the culprit responsible has never been found:

The Captain Midnight Incident

At 12:32AM on April 27 1986 in the eastern half of North America ‘The Falcon and The Snowman’ was suddenly interrupted during 4 minutes by this message:






In reality Captain Midnight was John R MacDougall, a 25-year old electronics engineer whose Florida-based satellite television company was suffering under HBO’s increased rates for satellite dish ownership and signal encryption.

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  1. Haven’t heard any of these, but on my old radio, if you turn all the way as far to the right on the FM dial, occasionally it will pick up radio airport traffic. You can hear people keying up the mic, and transmitting verbally. It happened twice already. I use the radio white noise to buffer the dirtbag neighbors, and their loud bass noise harrassment.

    Sometimes you hear the mic being keyed up, and no talking too. It’s probably an anomaly, but not ghostly or alien.

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