What Is The Hum?

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The Hum drives crazy hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

But the cause ot the strange sound phenomenon remains unexplained. This article gives some clues of what might produce this annoying and sometimes lethal loud vibration.

What is The Hum?

The mysterious Hum phenomenon is around since the 1950s and plagues people around the world, from Bristol, England to Taos in New Mexico, USA, Bondi in Sydney, Australia and Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

Only 2-4% of people hear the noise. The low-frequency buzz is mostly heard indoors in rural and suburban locations.

The rumbling sound can get louder during the night, and is very location specific: The Bristol Hum, The Taos Hum, The Bondi Hum, The Largs Hum, The Windsor Hum.

What Causes the Hum?

The cause for the low-pitched roar is a mystery, although many scientific researchs have been written on the subject.

The most probable theories include:

  • exposure to industrial equipment;
  • high pressure gas lines;
  • wireless communication devices;
  • electrical power lines;
  • electromagnetic radiation; and
  • the mating calls of Midshipman fish
  • secret military experiments
  • submarine communication
  • alien activity.

Possible Medical Origins of the Hum?

That humming noise isn’t tinnitus (Ménière’s disease). No link has been found between both although medical experts still suggest, it’s a form of tinnitus.

Another medical theory suggests that the hum is caused by trembling of the tensor tympani muscle in the ear.

Dr David Baguley, head of audiology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, estimates that environmental factors such a fridge, industrial fan or nearby factory may be the source of at least a third of cases.

His own theory – based on years of research – is that many sufferers’ hearing has become over-sensitive concentrating the mind on certain frequencies of sound which it perceives as a threat.

What Symptoms Cause The Hum?

Although it may sound like a minor inconvenience, many people claim that The Hum has had a massive negative impact on their quality of life.

For some individuals, the phenomenon was so terrible, it drove them to suicide.

Symptoms are Insomnia, pounding head, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, headache, burning skin, tension, pins and needles, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, nose bleeds, eye strain, ear pressure, nausea and fatigue, panic and desperation.

How to Fight The Hum?

High quality microphones cannot record the sound. Moreover, people in the vicinity of the sufferer aren’t hearing anything.

Ear plugs or hearing protectors do not help and in fact only seem to exaggerate the problem.

This suggests that the source makes the whole body vibrate at a frequency of around 10 MHz upwards, which is lower than the average person can hear.

As you may have understood it, there is no rational explanation for “the Hum”. The theories range from motorway noise to the moans of the tormented souls in hell.

For you to learn more about the mysterious noise preparation, I have linked the most interesting lectures below. Enjoy!

What is the Taos Hum?

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What is the Windsor Hum?

Report: Windsor Hum Likely From Zug Island “Blast Furnace Operations – Windsorite

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What is the Kokomo Hum?

The Kokomo Hum investigation – Acentech Project No. 615411.

Expert says hum is not a sound – Kokomo Tribune.

Humming Toadfish Are the Buzz of Sausalito – NBC.

What Is the Seattle Hum?

‘The Hum’ followup: CalPortland installs second silencer – West Seattle Blog.

Seattle ‘Hum’ May Be Due To Midshipman Fish That Produce Sound For Mating – The Huffington Post.

West Seattle’s now-famous ‘Hum’: Apparently NOT a fish’s fault”. West Seattle Blog.

What Are the Wellington and Auckland Hums?

Wellington hum disappears – 3 News.

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Mystery humming sound captured – Sydney Morning Herald.

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Auckland North Shore Hum T.J. Moir personal pages.

What Is the Bristol Hum?

Who, What, Why: Why is ‘the hum’ such a mystery? – BBC News.

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Have you heard The Hum, The throbbing noise that just won’t go away? – Mail Online

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Scientific evidences behind the Hum

Humming Noises are Earth Breathing Sounds – Strange Sounds

Low frequency noise and annoyance – Noise & Health

The Hum: An anomalous sound heard around the world. Journal of Scientific Exploration

A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects – Defra

Low Frequency Noise FAQ – University of Salford

The effects of low frequency noise on people—A review – Journal of Sound and Vibration

Hum and otoacoustic emissions may arise out of the same mechanisms – .Journal of Scientific Exploration

The Phenomenon of Low Frequency Hums – Norfolk Tinnitus Society

Can some people hear the jet stream? – New Scientist

Tinnitus – American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery

World Map of the Hum

List of strange sounds around the world – Strange Sounds

The World Hum Map and Database – World Hum Database and Mapping Project.

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  1. You are completely wrong when you keep chiming in with your “its in your head” BS. That got debunked a very long time ago. You are free to believe what you want but your personal belief in this matter is disinformation that doesn’t cross paths with reality.

  2. Up until a month ago, I had never heard this constant, never wavering, hum. My partner had been complaining of it for many months, but I simply kept missing it until very recently. And just like that, one early morning, I heard it. I was on the brink of waking, and my mind was not active yet, and suddenly it was coming into both my ears (or at least that’s how I perceived it). Here’s the strange part. When I concentrated on where it was coming from it would suddenly stop. Sitting up, I looked around the room and no hum. I laid back and thought I was imagining it, and after a minute it resumed after I relaxed. Once again, I concentrate on it, it goes away. When I relax my mind, it returns.
    I stopped noticing it for a couple of weeks, and it resumed again, with the same parameters. If I concentrate on the sound it would stop. If I relax my mind, and think about nothing, it would resume at the same intensity. I know of the Global phenomena, but I never got the impression it would come and go like I’m experiencing.

  3. Well I do believe its subduction. tectonic plates slipping one under the other that’s what makes the noise and it has something to do with the earthquakes…. nobody thought of that yet did they?
    The ⭐ Star Wizard man knows what some do not.

  4. it may be somebody far away who is listening to music with the base turned way up. Even if they are a mile away this sound will carry. it sends vibrations into the ground which amplifies into your house. as, I think it causes global warming too! there are so many inconsiderate people who play music in vehicles which the base really high. they just dont care.

  5. Probably one of your neighbours who dont like you shooting you with sound/radiation its been happening to me. i made a fuss and they just turned it down but i have sensitive hearing and the punks think its funny….what should i do???

  6. Same here in Arizona heard it for two weeks loud one day at 5:30 am tell about 8 am it woke me up that day and nothing wakes me up, it stopped just be for the quakes in cali, then started back up a couple of days ago, for about a day, I have not heard it since. on an interesting note, I don’t hear it after 9 pm or so, I really think it has to do with Earthquakes myself? Just a thought.

  7. It not man made, it’s something else. I’m in Bakersfield CA. I’ve heard it in several states. I have known people that have gone in to deep salt mines and it’s even worse in there. What ever the cause, it’s not good.

  8. The reason you can’t find it on electronic instruments is because it’s in your head. I’ve been dealing with this for 27 years. I had found 26 pieces of fiber optic in this apartment I use to live in. I’ve been a electronics technician for 32 years. And from my experience the gov. does not have the technology to run this stuff in our homes. You’ll hear snaps and pops in your walls and ceilings. It was so bad here in the early 90’s the sheriff’s office started calling it attic people

  9. is the hum real ? is it a man ? Please e-mail me if you know … i Live in belgium so i wont hear it but can it be possible thats the sound will be here in a couple years ? …

    • I agree with you on HAARP. I think it is GWEN Towers and HAARP together. It sometimes sounds like it is coming from above but then it sounds like it is below. I think they are bouncing signals off of each other. Also something to do with electromagnetics. Sick of it.

  10. I have lived in, and heard this noise in, various small communities in rural Alberta, but one place I never, ever heard it was in Ft. McMurray in NE Alberta. Perhaps because FtM is sitting on an ocean of oil in the form of oil sands/shale.

  11. Iam from Karachi, Pakistan and me and my wife hear the hum with regular intervals. Sometimes it goes up and is off abruptly.

  12. I have heard it many times. I live in south Texas and to me it sounds more like a plane flying right over me, but it is strange because the sound suddenly starts and suddenly stops. The noise does not fade away like how an airplane would. Here I was going crazy thinking that the noise could be cause by ufos, but other people’s comments sound more logical.

  13. I hear this every night in phoenix S.E.
    it will sound for a good 5-10mins then mysteriously disappear.
    no cell towers in my area.

    • It’s in your head, that’s why they can’t pick it up on electronics.ive been dealing with this for 27 years. I’ve been a electronics technician for 32 years. I also have found over 26 pieces of fiber optic in a apartment I had lived in in the past

  14. i heard the hum. i was living in maple ridge, bc, just an hour east of vancouver. it didnt start until i was there for about 4 months. i heard it for about 6 months, then it stopped. i dont recall if it is because i was travelling and out of the area or not.. but then it started again, stopped again. i had no idea what was happening and was tested by a dr., but all he told me was to ‘take a vacation and relax’. i have since moved and have never heard it again. its very real and extremely hard to deal with. i couldnt hear anything out of that ear except the super loud HUM. i was basically reading lips. if a helicopter flew by the house it felt as if my head would explode. same sound also as when the fridge would come on.

  15. I am surprised in reading the theories that no one has mentioned the most probable cause to a low frequency hum that many people hear. It occurs in different parts of the world. This has been going on for decades in the US. I think it is probably Tunnel Boring Machines boring underground bases and tunnels. The Government and the mainstream media ignore it to maintain secrecy. There is a ton of information available on the machines and the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases).

  16. Dee
    I live in SW Missouri also and if I recall correctly it was around Thanksgiving that I too was experiencing this low motor running type hearing anomaly . It went on for several days and was very noticeable because iI am hard of hearing and remember thinking …wth is happening now. All is quiet here now.

  17. I just started hearing this about a week or so ago. I have lived here 12 years and never heard this before. It does sound like a very faint motor running and there is a sound vibration to it. Only hear it late at night when everything is quiet. I live in a small rural town in southeast missouri, and there is no answer as to what it is. My theory is one of two things, either its the earth its self from the core that we are picking up amplified through the foundation and walls of our buildings. Or its because of all the data lines and cell towers,if you look at the map of this phenomena you see its absent where there is no heavy data or tower use. Im sure its in big cities too, its just that cities have a constant background noise that drowns it out.

    We recently had our areas dsl upgraded to 50/100 I really think that dsl over telephone lines is whats causing a lot of this in conjunction with cell towers. Thats a ton of frequency being pushed around the country and the world. Look at the map notice in places like interior Africa and south america there are no reports. They dont have the power lines and cell towers like the rest of us. Same thing with places in remote siberia and other places. Someone in a science field needs to investigate if dsl and cell towers are causing this problem, we know electric lines can hum. Imagine the overload of electric dsl/phone lines and cell towers. All that noise they would emit, this is dangerous because at certain frequencies it can cause health issues.

    • SO HELPFUL. THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR THIS. if i may use this information with your name because this sounds the most logic.

  18. Hello

    Please reflect!

    Today 29th Aug. 2017
    A strange sound have been heared in the sky of north of Iran, Astara,Darband villey…you can find it by search in the net

  19. I hear the hummmmm. Sure wish I didn’t. running a fan at night to drown it out helps some. Pretty sure EMFs are part of the cause, as we have symptoms that align with high EMF exposure. We’re having an assessment of our home and surroundings done and hope to get some good info on how to mitigate it.

    • I had a noisy fan that just broke. We have an ambient low freq hum. I think it’s my neighbors. They have 4 ham antenae, and a loop antena. They hate me too.

      You should see these inbred heathens. It’s like Norman Bates and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre family. Everybody says they’re weirdos.

      Anyways, the fan I had was on top of a cedar chest. It was making enough of a vibration to blot out their hum. Now, I have to buy another one. It broke.

  20. Definitely microwave communications phenomenon. You get massive, cranked repeating signals carry data payloads in the microwave bands and you WILL get this anomaly. Start lining up everyone who uses these massive microwave networks everywhere, esp. service providers. Chances are they already have the data and field reports that will stand up in court which is why you’ll NEVER hear them peep anything about any “humming” except to smile and say put yer tin foil on. They make billions off you, as does the government w/ these microwave communication networks, plus it’s all “the internet”. You don’t think because it keeps half the population up, drives them insane and is probably slowing killing everyone that they’d kill the golden goose do ya? No chance in hell, so you’ll have to take your own field readings and sue them in court……GOOD LUCK!

  21. similar to when the airco in the office switchess off… only then you realize there was a noise… this sound is cancelled by the brain and causing the perception of sound.

  22. The hum is set to a low frequency, that they use to control you humans. It makes you mean, negative and control you.
    It’s to keep you from waking up to the real truth about Earth, you are all slaves and food to the beings that control Earth.
    Wake up and stay positive. They can’t freed off you if your positive and full of love.

    • I had humming and had not for a decade, on a building, at 9th floor, also on a single floor house, 500 miles away. It persecutes me. I think is a big bank in Br that I made it to pay 2 indemnizations for my family. I believe, that the bank family owner called (“Are all Baals”, in french) that pays for some kind of private or military satelite, to harass me. The bank simbol is the Black Stone Block of Meca. Got 1 year truce but it came back last month, when I won another judiciary battle against with such bank. That´s electronic part on gangstalking.

  23. The proper frequency for the hum listed in the following sentence should be 10 hertz (Hz), not 10 MHz (which is in the normal hearing range for people).
    Ear plugs or hearing protectors do not help and in fact only seem to exaggerate the problem, suggesting that the source possibly makes the whole body vibrate at a frequency of around 10 MHz upwards, which is lower than the average person can hear.

  24. Do you have the ELF TOWERS nearby? I would guess it is the phony cell towers they put up around the country and THEY are testing them.

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