Sky Trumpets 2020

Do you hear the strange trumpet sounds from the sky?

Here the latest reports of the mysterious humming sounds from the sky in 2020.

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The largest video list of sky sounds in the sky in 2020

The next time that you hear any weird sound that you can’t immediately identify, please notify us.

If it’s not natural, human-made or harmless, it must be the return of Jesus, the work of Satan, an insidious Government conspiracy, the beginning of the New World Order, a message from Aliens, a test run of Project Blue Beam or a mind-control attempt by HAARP!

Now listen to the latest sky trumpets reported around the world:

Strange Sounds in March 2020

Shofar blasts at midnight in Jerusalem on March 30? – Video

Weird sounds from sky on the Island Nøtterøy in Norway, Europe – Video

Mysterious humming noise in Örebro, Sweden on March 24 – Video

Mysterious noises at midnight on March 24 – Video

Terrifying sounds recorded in the Sky of Middle East – Video

Creepy trumpet sounds in the sky compilation – Video

Strange Shortwave Radio Oddity Signal Findings – UVB76 on March 22 – Video

Creepy sound of earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia on March 22 – Video

Strange sounds in Nashville, Tennessee on March 21 – Video

Strange sky noises in Singapore on March 19 – Video

Strange sounds in Novosibirsk 19.03.2020 – Video

Angel Moroni Loses Trumpet in Earthquake on March 18 – Video

Strange Sounds in Hialeah, Florida at night – Video

Are You Hearing Very High Up Engine Sound In The Sky? – Video

Mysterious sound coming from Merapi volcano on March 16, 2020 – Video

Strange noise near Phillips 66 refinery in UK on March 15, 2020 – Video

Weird noise in the backyard on March 15, 2020 – Video

Another weird sound in the sky on March 14, 2020 – Video

Strange dull drum-like sound in the distance in Australia on March 12, 2020 – Video

Mysterious sounds in the sky at California related to missing cases – Video

Scary noises from the sky on March 8, 2020 – Video

Sky metallic noises over Denmark – Video

Strange noises in the sky Ontario Canada on March 6, 2020 – Video

Weird sky rumble in Singapore on March 5, 2020 – Video

Mysterious sky sounds in US on March 4, 2020 – Video

Weird sky quakes in Arkansas on March 4, 2020 – Video

Strange sky noises, Auckland, New Zealand, 3/3/2020 – Video

Strange Sounds from the sky in February 2020

Mysterious humming noise in Europe on February 27, 2020 – Video

Apocalyptic Sky Trumpets on February 25, 2020 – Video

Terrifying trumpet sounds heard in the Philippines on February 23, 2020 – Video

Strange Sounds coming from the sky again on February 23, 2020 – Video

Loud noises from the sky at night on February 20, 2020 – Video

Unexplained groaning sounds baffle residents of Anchorage on February 16, 2020 – ADN, Strange Sounds

Mysterious noise in the sky hits Sunderland UK just before storm Dennis hits – video

Weird noises recorded in Tennessee on Feb 13th – video

Epic bip sound hear in the Cascade Mountains on February 12, 2020 – video

Strange Sound From Sky captured on February 11, 2020 over Edmonton, Canada – video

Weird metallic sound in East Tennessee on February 10, 2020 – video

What the hell are these mysterious noises from the sky? – video

Strange sounds heard at night in the US – video

Strange Sounds from 96.7FM – video

Strange sky sounds in Sunderland on February 7, 2020 – video

Strange Sounds from the sky in January 2020

Strange noise from the sky on January 28, 2020 – video

Weird noise from the sky in Elk Grove, California on January 26, 2020 – video

sky trumpets in New Haven, Indiana on January 25, 2020 – video

Weird knocking sounds on January 23, 2020 – video

Strange Sound From Sky over Calgary, Canada / January 22, 2020 video

Humming noises in San Antonio, Texas / January 20, 2020 video

Great compilation of strange Hum sounds from around the world video

Weird noises in Widnes, UK / January 17, 2020 video

Trumpet noises return in the U.S. / January 16, 2020 video and video

Mysterious Hum in Warsaw, Poland / January 15, 2020 video, video 1

Strange sounds in Biloxi Mississippi / January 12, 2020 video

Creepy sounds of the Peruvian Amazon forest video

Mysterious sounds of the aurora borealis video and article

Horns in the sky of Denton, Texas / January 8, 2020 video

Loud blasts and sirens in Bagdad, Iraq, January 8, 2020 video

Terrifying strange sounds, January 6, 2020 video

Strange ‘animal’ sound in Huntsville, Texas, January 5, 2020 video

Mysterious sounds from Lakewood, Colorado, January 4, 2020 video

Mysterious sound over US, January 3, 2020 video

Biblical Red Sky and Jesus Trumpet Sounds, January 3, 2020 video

Odd sound coming from UK coast, January 3, 2020 video

Strange Sounds in San Antonio, January 2, 2020 video

HAARP noise in the sky over USA, January 2, 2020 video

Odd continuous sound over UK, January 1, 2020 video

If you are interested in previous humming sounds:

See Strange Sounds Video for the 2008-2015 list.