Dog Lick Leads to Woman’s Hands and Legs Amputation

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A little lick from your loved puppy may lead to life-threatening infection. As shown in this weird medical case, a woman in Ohio,...

Cancer Patients Get Rare Blood Infection in New York

Risks of Healthcare-associated Infections from Drug Diversion
Opioids and cancer aren't a good mix at all! Well if they are misused... Half a dozen cancer patients in New York developed...

Japanese Soldiers Turned Cannibal During WWII

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While doing research in Australia, Professor T. Tanaka stumbled upon a strange folder with the interesting title "War crimes documents." In there, Tanaka...

Tap water turns purple in Ohio town overnight

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Residents of Coal Grove, a village in Lawrence County, Ohio woke up on June 3, 2019 to find their bathrooms looking like a scene from Ghostbusters.

Cannibalism: Doctors are yet again begging people to stop eating their PLACENTA

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Placentophagy – the practice of consuming the placenta – has gained popularity in recent years. Its proponents claim it has a range of health benefits, from upping iron levels...

Death. Carnage. Chaos: Climber reveals Everest’s “death zone” where people step over bodies to reach summit

everest death zone summit crowd
A Canadian filmmaker has vowed never to return to Everest after describing the “carnage” at the top of the mountain this year, which included having to step...

Ebola health worker killed by villagers during attack of treatment center in eastern DR Congo

Ebola crisis: Health worker killed by mob as doctors warn of 'unprecedented' situation
Villagers in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed a health worker engaged in the fight against a major Ebola outbreak and looted a treatment centre. "Part of...

Colorado becomes first state in US to cap price of insulin – Diabetics will pay no more than $100 a month for insulin

colorado insulin price cap diabetes, Colorado becomes first state in nation to cap price of insulin Under bill signed by governor this week, diabetics will pay no more than $100 a month for insulin
Diabetics in Colorado who use insulin to control their blood sugar levels won’t pay more than $100 per month for the drug starting in January thanks to a...

Positive vibes: Dad posts ‘Don’t Give Up’ signs around town to lower suicide rates: ‘You never know who is struggling’

Dad posts 'Don't Give Up' signs around Seattle to lower suicide rates, positive news
After a cluster of local teen suicides, stay-at-home dad Colby Wallace launched the “You Matter” campaign to strengthen mental health. Dad posts 'Don't Give Up'...

A firearm training instructor offers gun safety classes to kids – some as young as six – in North Carolina

North Carolina class teaches kids as young as six how to use guns
Nine-year-old Aiden Roberts is a graduate from a gun safety class near Mint Hill - tailored to kids like him. “There was no other class like this,”...