Tropic Fish Hawai‘i announced they identified and voluntarily recalled a shipment of frozen imported cubed tuna from Indonesia from distribution due to testing positive with the Hepatitis A virus.

The recalled product was distributed to the following restaurants and retailers, which are all located on O‘ahu, between April 27 and May 1:

ABC Stores #38 (205 Lewers Street)
Aloha Sushi Nimitz
G.P. Hawaiian Food Catering
Maili Sunset Bar & Grill
Shima’s Market
Times Aiea
Times Kailua
Times Kaneohe
Times Kunia
Times Liliha
Times Mililani
Times Waipahu

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Frozen imported cubed tuna sold on Oahu tests positive for hepatitis A

Here another video with a full interview of Department of Health food safety chief Peter Oshiro:

According to Youtube videos, another Hepatitis A outbreak was reported in Hawaii about 9 months ago. Related to the same fish?

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