Another amazing phenomenon: 110lb anvil floats on liquid mercury (video)

anvil floats on liquid mercury, anvil floats on liquid mercury video
That is just amazing! 110lb anvil floats on liquid mercury. Who's got that much mercury laying around? That's a lot of...

Scientists create ‘living’ machines that eat, grow, and evolve

Scientists from Cornell University have successfully constructed DNA-based machines with incredibly life-like capabilities. These human-engineered organic machines are capable of locomotion, consuming resources for energy, growing and decaying, and evolving. Eventually they die.
What if, instead of painstakingly designing and engineering a robot, you could just tear open a packet of primordial soup, toss it in the microwave on high...

Church collapses on people during Easter service in Dlangubo, South Africa, 13 killed, 16 injured

south africa church collapse, south africa church collapse video, south africa church collapse picture
Thirteen people were confirmed dead with sixteen others sustaining varying degrees of injury when a church collapsed in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal province.

China to construct a next-generation 100-km collider that will dwarf CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to study ‘God particle’, the Higgs boson

china builds huge collider to study higgs boson, higgs boson china collider, cern large hadron collider
China aims to construct a next-generation 100-km proton-proton circular electron-positron collider that will dwarf the European facility. The giant underground collider is designed to fire protons at...

Is Africa the next European Union?

This is Africa's ambitious free trade plan, mapped

Marijuana may improve women’s enjoyment of sex

marijuana sex, Marijuana may improve women's enjoyment of sex
About one-third of U.S. women have used marijuana before sex, a small study suggests, and those who do report increased desire and better orgasms.

Drug resistant germs NIGHTMARE: Mysterious and deadly fungi and bacteria sweep SECRETLY around the globe and become growing public health threat

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The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs. A projection of the C. auris fungus on...

‘The rex of rexes’: Paleontologists discover ‘Scotty,’ the world’s largest T. rex fossil

Paleontologists discover 'Scotty,' the world's largest T. rex fossil: 'The rex of rexes'
Paleontologists have unearthed the largest Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered, researchers say. The massive predator, nicknamed “Scotty,” was about 42 feet long and likely weighed more than...

Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett, after a judge ordered her to reopen an unsafe jail with near-lethal carbon monoxide values and exposed wiring

Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett, Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett picture, letter resignation sheriff sue barnett, letter resignation sheriff sue barnett jail, letter resignation sheriff sue barnett oklahoma jail
Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Sue Barnett. via Reddit Multiple deputies with the Nowata County Sheriff's Office have resigned, 2...

The forgotten police bombing of a Philadelphia pro-black group

Philadelphia MOVE activist bombing, Philadelphia MOVE activist bombing video
On 13 May 1985, Philadelphia police bombed the Move compound, killing 11 people, including five children, and destroying an entire neighborhood. The countercultural group lived communally and...