Strange Humming Noise in Pikeville, North Carolina – February 27 2012


This strange humming noise in Pikeville SOUNDS LIKE A SPACESHIP HOVERING OVER THE HOUSE, describes the video uploader.

She was able to capture some of the noise but for some reason the cellphone camera video sounds started to fail or sounded broken. Strange, no?

Could this strange sound be the HUM NOISES heard around the world?

The first time I heard it was that same day at 3am the noise was so strong that woke me up, at first I though it was my neighbor rolling his trash can, but then the noise kept on going! No planes around! and the humming noise plane did not move at all! Finally, it stopped after about 15 minutes more.

The witness then went back to bed. The sound was again audible when her son came back from school in the afternoon. No planes hovering around… The is when she decided to record the strange sounds video.

Pikeville is very isolated. It’s not a plane, it’s long lasting and annoying!

What is this strange humming noise in the sky from Pikeville?

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