Strange sound in Kiev, Ukraine, August 2011


This was one of the earliest records of weird sound all over the world.

The sound from this clip was used in numerous fake videos later.

This sound was recorded at around 5 p.m. in Kiev , Ukraine. The wierd noise intensity was very strong, as even windows shivered in buildings.

It was recorded on the fifth floor of a building. Although construction works were underway around the corner (also audible in the video), they did not create the weird noise in the sky. Too powerful, too bizarre.

During the video, the child says something like this in Russian:

Mom, that sounds, they are dripping like the sky, they are frightening. WOMAN: how do you think, what is that sound? CHILD: i know, they are dripping on the sky , they are far away, it is scary, they are scary… i want to watch them in a microscope WOMAN: you can’t watch the sounds in microscope CHILD: and microbes then? Are there microbes in ..(microscope)?

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