Humming Sounds In The Sky in Badajoz, Spain – January 12, 2012


Humming sounds coming from the sky recorded on January 18, 2012 in Badajoz, Spain.

This weird noise is somehow scary… As if our planet earth was speaking to us using a deep and humming voice!

The phenomenon has been observed by thousands of people around the world and now in Badajoz, Spain at 1pm on January 18, 2012.

Yes, it sounds like thunder, like an airplane hovering, like the hum, this strange sounds in the sky! Some really strange are being reported around the world and sometimes preceding earthquakes.

The uploader of the video is not the only person hearing these strange noises from the sky:

I live in Badajoz and I´ve been also hearing this sound for days. I live on the othe side of the city “Las Vaguadas” and we could heard it from there. The sound is incomparable with a plane, it´s just different, and it remains longer!

Fake strange sounds or not? Do you think it is another example of the humming sounds heard and reported around world? I will let you decide!

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