Weird Humming Sound in Craig, Nebraska – March 11, 2012


The hum really is existing!

Listen to this continous low-drowning, weird humming sound video!

This continuous humming sound has been recorded in Craig, Nebraska on March 11, 2012. The author of the video says that the sound was coming from the sky.

The author comments on his Youtube Video:

This is NOT a plane. I’ve seen/heard enough planes throughout my lifetime to be able to tell the difference. And no planes were in sight. This was so loud that I could hear it through the windows.

This is another video of strange humming sound from Craig, Nebraska, but recorded on March 12, 2012 this time:

I’ve been hearing a lot of strange sounds on and off for a year and half or so. Sometimes these weird noises in the sky can be quite loud & on rare occasions they’ve been known to shake the house.

Are you also trying to record these weird noises around the world? I try to keep a camera at my side at all times now!

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