Strange sounds in Cloquet, Minnesota


A “growl” or a “howl” coming from the sky or from the earth has been recordered in Cloquet, Minnesota, on April 22, 2012.
It’s not a video actually but just a sound recording. The sound seems to be genuine.

From the uploader’s comments:

…We asked both my great aunt Ruthie (70 years young) and both my mother and aunt about’ the video the next day. They were just as confused as we were and said they have never heard that sound before, and couldn’t explain what it was!…

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  1. First of all, I want to start off by saying I’m embarrassed that you all think I sounded like a guy. Maybe it was the whispering but… I am a woman, 35 years old, and have been smoking since I was 16 years old….It’s obviously starting to catch up with me…..Wow….Lol Anyways that being said. This is NOT a hoax in anyway shape or form and I want to explain a few things. The last few months I have found more information than I can wrap my head around. I would like to elaborate on my video, and how I came to capture and record this video.

    I have always felt ‘different’ from other souls out there, I am a very open minded person, but like most of you I don’t just except things that I see/hear on the internet or you tube as fact. I investigate, and then draw a conclusion whereas many people will both ignore it and brush it off as another hoax due to fear of the “what ifs” or just too scared to accept that all of this is really happening. Hence the name of my youtube channel ‘itshappening2012’ I guess my whole journey into the end of the world type scenarios started at a very young age…I couldn’t explain what or why, but I knew I felt something. Other end of times and years that have come and gone in my lifetime have never scared me. I never felt anything was going to actually happen. 1999, 2000 and so on….but in the last year and a half of so…I just… feel something….

    I opened my youtube channel right around the end of February 2012. This was after watching a documentary on youtube that was posted from the history channel if your interested in watching…this brought up many questions for me. How long have UFO’s been around?? How can we think we are the only ones out there?? Who are the illuminati?? What are Chemtrails?? All of these questions and more were going through my head. So I started investigating other things on youtube, and many different internet sites, from one end of the spectrum to the other. What I found was so disturbing, and in no way could it be denied. There is a documentary many of you may have heard of called “What in the world are they spraying” again if you would like to watch…here is the site It is also referred to as Geo-Engineering it is undeniably the truth and reality that they are spraying our skies with aluminum, barium, and other toxic chemicals, but for what?!? Make your own conclusions on that, because I’m still flabbergasted by it all. From the Chemtrails, weird RED sunsets, earthquakes, birds and sea life dying in extraordinarily large numbers around the world, solar flares, weird moon, all of the UFO sightings, strange sounds heard from the sky/earth, volcano’s erupting all over the world, take your pick, ALL of it is mind-boggling.

    Soooo…..once I was aware, it was weird, the next few days I was seeing what they were calling ‘Chemtrails’ and they were all over my sky. I began noticing them almost immediately once I was aware of what the hell they were. It was so odd to me, as the weeks went by there were so many being created or already created and expanding to a bluish color in the sky, and I could see them being from morning til night. They would go from one end of the horizon to the other. Coincidentally or not this was the beginning of March 2012, March in Minnesota is usually our snowiest month, yet we set record highs almost everyday in March if not everyday I don’t know exact #’s (along with every other state in the US) this is around the time when I opened my youtube channel and started recording what I was seeing. All of my recordings have been done from my phone, not a camcorder or anything like that. Just my phone. Almost all of my videos are of these Chemtrails, and a few of a crazy red sunbeam sunset that I had seen and recorded. That being said…..I’m sure that most of you who watched my strange sound video also read my comment of the video. All is 100% true. This was NOT the wind!! I don’t know about you, but I have heard some pretty strong wind and storms’ being from MN and to say that it was the wind is absolutely absurd. I guess sometimes it is easier to blame it on something as simple as the wind, instead of actually listening and thinking ‘holey shit WTF was that’?!? It is easier for people who are simple minded to say something like that. I can assure you, it was not the wind!

    Since hearing this I have been pretty excited to share on youtube and to see how many people have viewed it, and to get any feedback. Quite a number of people have watched but not many comments. A couple of weird things have happened with my video this week and I will explain. Since I posted the video there have been around 50-100 hits a day. I enjoy opening my channel from my phone just to see the number of people that have viewed it and to see any comments, because it was so unbelievable that I actually heard THE sound!!! On Tuesday 5-1-12 I had been doing the same thing a few times a day, but from late afternoon when I would open I wouldn’t see any change in the # of views. And again on Wednesday the number stayed the same all day. I thought to myself well maybe because it isn’t new anymore it may not show up when people were doing their search, and I didn’t think twice about it. Well maybe I did think about it a little 😉 ….it just seemed odd to me that so many have viewed it since I posted it, and then bam nothing! On Thursday morning I opened my youtube and the first thing I see is a video and it says….”Youtube Launching CISPA Purge!” It goes on to say that people may have experienced their videos being tampered with, or dates missing stuff like that. I thought to myself well…that’s odd, I wonder if that has anything to do with what happened to my video the last couple of days. So I go into my video to see if I have had anymore views, and low and behold the number had jumped about 100 or so since I last could see a change in the number, which was the night before. Because I still think it is so unbelievable what I heard, I decided again to watch my video. I went to reread my description of the video…..that’s when I got angry. As you all can see what I had originally posted on this page…but under the video on youtube almost my entire description had been deleted/cutoff……I was like WTF?!? They deleted my description of the video!! So I end up retyping the rest of my description which is now obviously different. Again I was very upset to think they could do this, I liked the way I originally wrote it because it was very fresh. Uuuhhh anyways.. Once I finished retyping I go to the top to save my changes…and I notice that the title of my video has also been changed and the year had been deleted!!! Coincidence?!? I don’t know…you guys can decide for yourselves. I got to this page by going into my statistics to see if anyone had shared to get my original posting, and to possibly get more feedback which is how I got to this website. I want you to all know…..This video is VERY REAL!! Please do not kid yourselves on the happenings of this year especially. Only time will tell what is really happening in our skies, earth, and our future here on our planet. I know there will always be skeptics…but please be as informed as possible, and always see all sides, remember there are many pieces to a puzzle, and you don’t get the whole picture until EVERY piece is in place. God Bless Us All~

    Carrie AKA‘Itshappening2012’

    • Carrie,
      thanks for the detailed comment, it’s very interesting. Actually I’ve been experiencing some YouTube statistics issues like when it just stops updating. But your evidence about them changing the title and the description is really confusing.

      • Sorry the detailed description was almost entirely removed, and then the title which is separate had the year deleted off of it as well. I hope that helps with the confusion 🙂


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