Strange Sound in the Sky during a Storm – Manchester UK – August 22, 2012


Apocalypse Now! Strange and weird “trumpet and humming” sounds heard during a bad weather day in Manchester UK.

No ideas where the strange sounds are coming from, but probably from the sky (close similarity with those sounds recorded at the beginning of the year 2012 and reported on this page). The recorder seems to be surprised by the weird sounds since he almost dropped his cam on the floor. This is for me an evidence that this record is not a fake.

If you have any information and videos about this stange sound phenomenon 2012 do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon for a next post.

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  1. Hello, I heard these groaning, scraping sounds here in London back at the end of May in the early hours of the morning. At first I thought it could be helicopters with the harmonics and overtones. But the way the sound seemed to stop abruptly and then occur again further away or closer ruled that out. Then I thought it could be from a nearby building site. But the sound really seemed to be coming from different parts of the sky, like thunder. I listened to it for about an hour. In the morning I assumed everyone would be talking about it, but nobody knew what I was talking about! When I googled “groaning scraping sound” and saw all the videos I got very excited. I really expected to hear the sound again but it hasn’t happened yet. If I hadn’t heard this for myself I wouldn’t have believed it. I don’t go in for conspiracies and am inclined to believe it is some sort of natural phenomena to do with the weather…..?

    • Hello, First, let me thank you for your information. As you can see, we try to report videos and explanations for this strange sound in the sky phenomenon on this webpage. There are different assumptions about the source of these Earth groanings coming from the sky, but none of them are verified. They might be some kind of marketing ploy, mark the end of the world in 2012 as from the Maya calender or an electromagnetic noise within nearby environmental antennas caused by Northern lights. This last explanation is not very plausible since these strange sounds have not been reported before (at least not recently; did not get viral at least!). What do you think? Is this a good explanation?

      I am waiting for new inputs. I hope we will finally uncover the source of these strange sounds!

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