First Etruscan pyramids located in Orvieto, central Italy


19th September 2012 – Orvieto, Italy. The world’s first Etruscan pyramids have been discovered by a team of US and Italian archeologists under a wine cellar in Orvieto, a sedimentary area in central Italy. The discovery should be able to give some new insights into the living habits of this relatively unknown Etruscan community.

The subterrenean pyramids are layered (each layer with a different age) and are interconnected with tunnels which might indicate the presence of still undiscovered underneath structures.

The archeologists found different objects and artifacts while digging the new archeologic site. These objects are all dated between 1000 and 400 B.C., centuries during which Etruscans were powerful in Italy.

Excavation of the Etruscan Pyramids in Orvieto, Central Italy

Etruscans flourish in Etruria (central Italy) around 900 B.C. and disappeared by 100 B.C. when the Roman grew in power. They are known for their agriculture, art, trade and even tought the French how to make wine, the Romans how to build roads, and introduced the art of writing to Europe. But still Etruscans are considered one of antiquity’s greatest enigmas since they only left tombs behind.

This find is thus so important because no such Etruscan structures have been yet discovered in the World and thus may give new insight about this still unknown community. For the archeologist, these pyramids might represent religious constructions or tombs.

We will get better informed after the excavation.

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