“Strange sound in St Louis”, USA


A long and nice record of the Strange Sounds in the Sky. These bursts were recorded yesterday, the 17th of September 2012, in the backyard of a townhouse in St-Louis, USA. The sound is scarry, metallic as if somebody was hammering on a piece of aluminium.

This kind of sound was alos recorded last month in the UK. I believe it is real! Have you already heard something like this around your place?

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  1. Actually it is a massive dark matter particle orbiting into the Earth nearby approx. once every 10 seconds. It will be travelling approx 500 to 1000 miles/second. The sound you hear is it condensing gas and water vapor in the atmosphere as it goes by. They are spit at Earth during solar flares and CMEs and although they are fractions of a millimeter in size they are massive. darkmattersalot.com

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