Strange Sounds in the sky, Suffern, New York, USA, August 16th, 2012


This video of stange sounds in the sky over Suffern in the county of New York, USA is another proof for the existence of our humming Earth. Our Planet is “living” and probably trying to tell us something. What? I think we will learn it relatively fast.

Do you have any opinions about these humming sounds? Any theories? Even the most specialized theoricians are kind of hesitating about what’s causing these noises.

I would also like to thank people writing to me or posting on the page to inform about strange sounds in the sky and around the world. Please continue!

Thank you! And see you tomorrow


  1. I’ve also been hearing these noises at night with sound proof windows and still able to record it, I’ve been hearing the sounds for a week now I think, and I’m in Orange County, CA. Been keeping me up til 1am and heard it last Saturday at 7:30

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