Strange Sounds Tampa, Florida


Strange Sounds Tampa, Florida

These Strange Sounds were recorded along the Hillsborough River, near Tampa, Florida. It is basically, a loud, rumbling “jet engine” noise which was loud enough to rattle the furniture in my apt. The noise stayed consistent (but would start and stop abruptly at times) for hours, before moving off and coming from what sounded like miles away.

I think these sounds are another record of the Strange Sounds heard all over the World since the beginning of the year. There are 2 videos about the same noise. In the first one the recorder battled his air conditioner. This is the reason why he posted the second video.

The recorder is looking at an answer about this phenomenon. A racetrack about 20 miles away has been suggested, and it’s a good theory, but he says the noises from that racetrack are nothing like this noise. Moreover he questionned this theory because of the location of the noise, the fact that it lasted all day, and the fact that other videos from other parts of the world with the same noise phenomenon exist.

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The sound was caught the 08.09.2012

Good listening

This is part two of this same video caught on the same day


  1. My mom hss been saying she hears strange sounds in Zephyrhills area! She tries to tell people she hears and she is met with skepticism. She’ll be glad to know she’s not crazy!! Please enlighten us on this annoying sound!

  2. hope you contact me same sounds in zephyrhills florida a night also see sometimes a flash in the sky when you hear the rumbling of the engine sound whatever kind of like almost a jet engine sound or a large crane its strange and makes dogs in the neighborhood act strange and stray cats run and hide. Third time I heard it.

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