Strange Sounds during Hurricane Sandy early stages – October 30 2012


October 30 2012 – Strange Sounds during Hurricane Sandy early stages

Strange Sounds were caught in this video a few hours before the real start of Sandy. You hear this strange Noise above that of the wind. It is strong and similar to what we are referring to when talking about Strange Sounds around the World. But this time I am unsure. Do you have any ideas? HAARP? Thank you for your help!


  1. I can hear those noises in the back ground, I think this fella has caught the sounds of a man made storm for sure!! Good video!

  2. Aye late last nite here in ca where am at the radio station said people called in about sounds in the sky they said bomb a aleart then I call them n they said they next said that then I call agin n talk shit n they asked what’s my point told them they coverin shit up then they said they don’t call back this was befor even kowin shit was goin down n ny readin this made it life thanks

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