Strange Sounds in Eastbourne, Willingdon Trees, Polegate, New Port, UK and S. Gales, 23 October 2012


October 23, 2012 – Strange Sounds in Eastbourne, Willingdon Trees, Polegate, New Port, UK and S. Gales

Sorry, I do not have any recordings for that but Strange Sounds were heard yesterday night in the UK and South of Gales. People heard mechanical noises coming from the sky. Here is the description of a witness: “It was not a helicopter and nor was it a plAne. If it was a plane of vertical caperbility, then there would have Been a deafening roar. If it were a helicopter then it would have had larger spaces between rotation. It had neither so i have doubts to it being an raf test or set of manoeuvres. The sound came and to me like a plane from a height coming in at a low speed and i wated for the sound to increase to what i thought would be a reasonable distance and volume for it to hit something and cause a greater noise… this never happened. It just hovered. There was low cloud and fog last night, this does cause sound to travel as it is moisture and sound does do this. But this does not explain an object to maintain distance and volume without engine noise from a vehicle of that we recognise To be of a rotary based craft. This whole event was preceded by what i thought to be a reasonably, modern diesel engine on the other side of my garden wall. There was no such vehicle but the noise continued.”

For me, this description is that of the Strange Sounds in the Sky phenomenon!


  1. Leeds UK: I’ve been experiencing this since 2005 at night. At first, vibrations felt all over body, woke me. It could be at my feet, then my jaw, then in the centre of me. It would stop then. It was low frequency and nothing to alarm apart from not knowing what it was. I thought it was maybe a vehicle although it would be at night and no cars around. Later in 2007 it got to be annoying, it would wake me up and be focussed in my stomach, then other parts of my body, centre of my head. I would feel the floor, the bed, the walls and no shaking/vibration. I’ve ignored it due to this, I am a scientist. Then last year 2012 June, sounds overhead in the sky, booming sounds, not a plane but really loud and constant. The vibrations every night now stop me breathing and give me seizures and are intolerable. I now do a relaxation tape immediately which makes me sleep. This is like torture, but now part of my life. I will move but not sure where this is NOT happening now. I see so many reports all over the world. Tried to sleep downstairs last few days, through the day to catch up on sleep, and its started happening downstairs too, wakes me. Last few days the sound is very loud and through the daytime, my dog noticing it and looking at me scared. I’m not scared, going with the flow, I’m looking at it objectively and not attaching any unscientific meaning to it. Also 2.9 earthquake in Hathern this morning. May be linked, maybe not.

    • i also live in eastbourne i wish some one will find what this was out it was defonatley not a plane because it was to loud and it shook the windows and the floor and the sound level diddnt change and if you can let me no what it was that will be great so i can show my english teacher i wasnt lieing about this.

  2. I live in southern Scotland and witnessed a pervasive pulsating/humming sound around 1.30am on 24th October. The sound was accompanied by complete paralysis as I lie in bed. I would describe the sound as a combination of mechanical and electrical using a range of pulsating frequencies to achieve a particular hypnotic sounding rhythm. Very traumatic experience and very real.

  3. I also witnessed along with others in the aberdare area whom I contacted at that very moment, they were about within a 10 mile radius and we all heard the same sound between 12:30 -13:00 hours on the 24 th October . It was something I have never witnessed before , there is nothing I know of to compare it with ! It hovered for a couple of minutes over my head whilst stood in my garden with an amazing droaning noise that thuddered through my body, then moved slowly towards Merthyr Tydfil !

  4. I heard this too just after midnight so it was the 24th October 2012 and I live in Wales in a little village about a half hour car journey from Swansea. I honestly thought it landed on my roof, looked out my window expecting to see something and saw nothing. Looked at facebook and actually a lot of people from my area heard it. I hope someone managed to record the sound.

  5. i witnessed this sound was in bed with window open, i jumped up and looked out to see what it was ,couldnt see nothing as there was overcast that night at first i thought it was a high flying military plane, but then i realised it was not and dismised it being a chopper or normal plane as the sound was very strange like as if there was a giant roatary machine wich slowed down and then nothing, my thoughts where if it was a plane or chopper you would hear it as it went away in the distance, and this didnt just came to a compleate stop after slowing right down , this sound was odd, like the sky and the ground was vibrating, the following night there was overcast , fog , and i heard a plane go over there was no distorting in sound atall, i think any person can work out the sound of a plane or chopper, this was very different, would love to know what it was, but dont want to hear silly things like was a plane

  6. My mother heard this sound and went to the window expecting to see a ufo buzzin about above the house. She is familiar with helicopter and aeroplane sounds. Me being ex royal navy EW, I have also studied sound at uni, had to investigate and so far the only explination that makes any sence is: With the poles shifting and the electromagnetic field moving, these are putting our earths core under stress. so as the field revolves around the earth electric is built up in our atmosphere etc. This will explain after alot of videos people have recorded of these sounds around the world all year!!! have flashes in clear skys. due to lightning. which might also explain the bang at the end. this might be wrong, but the closest I can find to a truth so far. Have fun and about time we start looking at our hope, mother earth a bit closer again. 🙂

  7. I heard exactly the same noise in Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex around 00:05. Completely agree with it not being a plane or helicopter, was far too loud. Made my bedroom window shake.

  8. agree with u fully. i heard the same thing just after midnight on 23-10-2012 in saltdean, brighton. i cant explain what it was but sounded like a speakers subwoofer going over my house.

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