Strange Sounds in the the sky, Denmark, 11 October 2012


Strange Sounds from the sky recorded in North Jutland, North of Aalborg, between Hjørring and Skagen in Denmark, 11 October 2012

The Strange Sounds were caught this time between Hjørring and Skagen in Denmark, Europe. The Strange Noises recorded in this long video are similar those of a strong wind. However no wind was blowing on the 11th of october 2012 in Denmark. From what the recorder explains, it seems that the Strange Sounds were very loud, scary and coming from the sky just above their house. First, they thought a storm or a hurricane was approaching but everything was calm outside. The strange sounds coming from the sky lasted more than 2 hours. We are listening to a track recorded between 02:00 and 03:00 AM. The source remains a mystery. Are these sounds coming from governmental or military experiments?

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Dansk: Nordjylland Nord for Aalborg mellem Hjørring og Skagen i Danmark er der hørt en underlig lyd i atmosfæren d.11 Oktober 2012

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