Strange Sounds in the sky, Montreal, Canada, October 31 2012


October 31 2012 – Strange Sounds in the sky, Montreal, Canada

After Toronto yesterday, the Strange Sounds are now reported in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Strange noises were heard about 20 times from ~11pm to 12:30am, so during the night. People in the neighbourhood also heard them. They seem genuine to me and are similar to Strange Sounds heard in Bloomington, Indiana 2 years ago. Pretty weird and scary!


  1. Had trouble sleeping last night (June 16, 2014) because of a low pitch humming sound that I heard in Pierrefonds. It was not as loud as some videos I have seen around Canada but it was similar to this one from Montreal so I wanted to leave a comment. It happened at around 4AM and lasted at least for 20 minutes or longer but I had fallen back asleep. Very odd considering I am not near any major highways.

  2. Think what u want Guy’s n’ Gals… I saw this happen from my place lastnight …i even remember the siren or in the video as the sound burps..? N eway icouldntbelieveit was actually inmontreal…. Ive seen 1 or 2 vids but. I swear ….i heard it myself then checked it out and some1 else here at same time posted it too… i am not surprised oh well PEACE OUT!

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