Recurring Strange Sounds from the Sky, Monroe, Michigan, USA, November 30 2012


November 30 2012 – Recurring Strange Sounds from the Sky, Monroe, Michigan, USA

The recorder of this video has already published different videos about Strange Sounds from the sky in Monroe, Michigan and surroundinds. He started hearing them in 2011 and since them is trying to report the Strange Noises in Monroe and surroundings. Highway noise? HAARP Noises? I think we have here another record of the Strange Sounds from the sky…


  1. I wish I could find out more information about the weird “booms” and noises shaking from the ground that has been happening since yesterday they last for about one hour and shake my whole house… Everyone can hear them including my pets as well as feel the house shake… We live in Jackson New Jersey they are going on right now they woke me up out of my sleep

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