Loud Booms Compilation: Oklahoma, Mississipi, Kentucky. January 16-18 2013


Ocean Springs, Mississipi – Jan 17 2013

I live in Ocean Springs, MS and you can here the loud booms here too. The news is reporting that its Soinc booms. It sure is strange that its happening all over the US.

Oklahoma – Jan 16 2013

i live in oklahoma and it sounded like a bombing run but no planes in sight

Kentucky – Jan 16 2013

Same thing in Western KY yesterday. About every 10 min. Has been going on for 4/6 months but yesterday was the loudest and most frequent I’ve heard. USGS shows it not to be activity within the earth. Called a friend that lived almost three miles away. He would get the sound and then 5 to 6 sec later I would hear it. That’s the speed of sound travel not the speed of an earthquake.

Kentucky – Jan 16 2013

Booms are back today but the sound has moved from the South to the West. Occurs about every 6 min. 1-18-13

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  1. At approx. 8:40 am 6/18/13 massive boom shook my home in central Oklahoma. This is the second one in a weeks time. Unnerving ,as the wind chime began sounding off in sea calm morning.

  2. I am from Nortonville Ky, and its been happing for a few mts mostly early in the morning we have lots of mines here but none in my area and it sounds like its right under our house it wakes us up an keeps my dog barking all night!

  3. Last night at 10:30 pm in Alice, Texas, we heard a loud boom that officials cannot explain, and there were no reported crashes in the area , it sounded like a loud crashing boom

  4. My son,his girlfriend,my husband and I all heard booms (like large artillery) @ 7-8p.m the night of Jan. 13th in southwest Ohio.

    It was raining hard and at the first boom we thought some dufus was out hunting on such a night?!?

    Total during that time we heard 6 booms.

    As I said it was raining and the temp was dropping very fast. It could have been some form of thunder. If so it was a thunder I’ve never heard in my 6 decades.

    That said I tend to believe these “sounds” are from military sources.

  5. So it seems that this is occurring in many places……very interesting. Im still going on my conspiracy theory….that more underground tunnels are being built. It very well could be heavy machinery that has fallen under ground…thats not like an earth quake….although the sound does seem to be coming from the air. At least my husband thinks so. Not like a sonic boom. Almost like an explosion sound. hmmm…..very interesting indeed:)

    • Can’t be from the earth. The sound is traveling exactly at the speed of sound from point to point. Waves in the earth travel faster. Plus the fact that nothing is showing up seismographic.

  6. Loud booms being heard in North Central Arkansas as well. Most recent, last night around 6pm, heard across at least two counties, Izard and Sharp, evidenced in facebook posts and comments. Not thunder, earthquakes, blasting, sonic booms, nor military maneuvers. No associated lights, nor property damage.

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