Mystery Booms in Chautauqua County related to tannerite shots – January 14 2013


January 14 2013 – Chautauqua County, USA. The mystery surrounding a loud boom that sent shock waves through Chautauqua County Sunday has been solved. Officials say that the loud booms heard on Sunday in the Chautauqua County, USA are related to tannerite shots. According to the Lakewood-Busti Police Department, a 20-year-old man mixed together 18 pounds of tannerite, a powder-based explosive, and shot it with a rifle in a ravine on Lawson Road in the Town of Busti around 6:15 p.m. Sunday. The shot caused a very large explosion. No one was hurt, and no charges are being filed – YNN

Official Video:

Video of a tannerite explosion:


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