Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, UK – 22 to 25 January 2013


Here different strange sounds issued from your comments. Thank you for your reports and see you tomorrow.

SC Upstate – January 24 2013. clear skies 1:45 to approx 2:30 pm – sky rumbles, multiple. Almost exact to those recorded in Clintonsville WI. Many witnesses at different locations, no explanations. No media reports as of yet. Sample recorded 3 ” rumbles” within 1 minute and 50 seconds. Similar in duration and direction. Thought I was nuts until others called and started asking me what that noise was.

Arizona – January 24 2013. Heard a loud boom followed by a crack here in AZ. Happened around 5:30pm mst.

UK, January 22 2013. I live in the UK and on the night of 22nd January 2013 at about 10-10:30 in the evening there was an almighty loud boom with a bright flash of light which shook the windows of my home. the way the windows shook was like a shock wave hitting them. the bang was like a gunshot going off in my ear almost and my windows were closed. I have looked all over the internet looking for an explanation but have arrived at nothing. but considering it was the same sort of time as the reports above maybe there is a connection?

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