Video Compilation of Strange Sounds: USA and Argentina – January 21 – 23 2013


Here I present a compilation of strange sound videos that were caught within the last few days. You will see, some are very scary!

Strange Sounds in Georgia – January 23 2013. A very long video of strange vibrating and reverberating noises comming in regular intervals. It seems that they were coming from all the directions of the sky. The recorder’s windows started to vibrate. What could it be?

The Umatilla Strange Sounds – January 21 2013. Strange Sounds from the Umatilla swamp, Oregon. Another record. This one was picked up on January 21, 2013 on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in eastern Oregon @ 11 pm. You hear the strange cries (most probably an animal like coyote, fox or cougar and then loud bangs from a gunshot. The animal screams than stop mysteriously. Well I think this is another proof that the sound is from an animal.

Strange Sounds in the Sky, Buenos Aires, Argentina – January 2013. Sounds recorded with a camera on the roof of a house just after a big storm.

Strange Sounds of birds – January 23 2013

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