Loud booms and strange sounds heard around the Louisiana sinkhole – February 2013


Rumblings have already been reported around the Louisiana sinkholes. However, this is the first two video records of strange sounds in this area. What is going on? Loud banging noises were caught on these 2 videos by a Louisana resident living very close to the Louisiana Sinkhole. The recorder says the banging sounds come in the direction of the louisiana sinkhole! Did they re-start working? Are they drilling? The weird booms seem mechanical as if they were produced by a pile driver or another type of drilling machine. What do you think? What is the source or cause of these loud sounds.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Louisiana sinkhole massively expanded (5000 square feet) and that fractures were now forming in the disturbed zone around the surface of the sinkhole. Moreover, a massive slough in (50 x 100 foot) occured on the southwest side of the sinkhole. – evenews

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  1. I am curious to find out exactly what time the sounds happened so we can match them with the helicorders activity and the time of the new slough in. Anyone Know?

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