Strange sounds and loud booms in Hollister, California – February 22 2013


From the recorder of the video: “I’ve been hearing this sound every night for the last 2 years and didn’t think much of it because they drill for wells out here in the country all the time. Recently it got a lot louder. So today I called every drilling Co. in town and they all said the same thing. They don’t drill at night in populated areas, and they had no operations in the city of Hollister going on at this time. So I decided to add this to the collection of all the videos I’ve seen of this new phenomenon happening all over the world since 2009, and now, regarding strange sounds being heard in the Earth, or in the sky. I’ve been following these feeds for a year now and it’s some interesting stuff.

Yes a booming noise. But what is the source? Fracking (could be)? Digging for oil (could be)? Construction (could be)? Pendleton base (too far away)?

Any other ideas?

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  1. I live in San Jose and I have been hearing the same boom every night for the past one month for sure, but my boyfriend has heard it since 2009 at least. If you want to, we can get together via email if you would like and we can record what time we hear ours on a certain day and we can put the times together and see whether this is at the same time and it is heard everywhere or if this is a sound that originates in a certain place and then travels out. Let me know if you are interested.

      • Ok, tomorrow June 21 2014 we will write down all the times that we hear the boom noise from 8 pm to 1 am and comment them back to you. I was hoping you could do the same thing tomorrow night so we can compare what time they’re going off so we can tell where this might be originating from.

        We heard one tonight at 10:16 originating from east San Jose… possibly…

      • The times we have are:

        8:51 pm
        8:57 pm
        9:06 pm 2 overlapping booms
        9:09 pm 2 overlapping booms
        9:10 pm possibly up to 5 booms
        9:12 pm
        9:20 pm
        9:53 pm
        10:03 pm
        10:36 pm
        10:51 pm
        12:08 pm
        12:17 pm
        12:30 pm

  2. I recently moved to Hollister from San Jose about a month ago and was just starting to appreciate the silent nights; then the loud booms happened and kept me up ALL NIGHT. From about 9pm to 9am. This was Thursday, January 9th 2014. They happened at regular intervals of about 40 minutes. My dogs were worried, there was a distant rooster crowing all night long and songbirds were squawking from dusk till dawn. Today is Jan. 13th and they came back, but not all night (so far). This time it was a series of about 15 booms, at much shorter irregular intervals and stopped after about 20 seconds. These were traveling rapidly from west to east… I could hear them echoing off the mountains on either side of Hollister. Then there was one final boom which was much louder. Fracking is my major concern. Turns out, they actually do work round the clock when certain deadlines must be met. However, these booms are not sounds which are associated with the actual drilling process itself. I believe that they may be the end result of fracking, i.e. the pressure injected during drilling finally fractures the bedrock, perhaps hours or days later, creating repeated booms from deep within the Earth, each boom having it’s own epicenter and depth. I believe that fracking not only triggers earthquakes, but creates minor ones of it’s own.
    I appreciate your recordings. You verified that I’m not losing my mind! Hope my comment is helpful to you and anyone else reading it.

  3. On Feb 22, 2013 in the middle of the night we were awakened with 2 loud booms that actually shook the whole house rattled the windows, thought it was a sonic boom or something. We are in McDonough Ga. Other areas in Ga heard the same. The news media researched it and Said Air Force did not have any jets in the area. Really weird! Anyone else experience it?

  4. also in williams ca at about 800 a sonic boom rattle the windows and you could feel the compression in your chest. Nothing reported on the news?

    • Hello,

      No nothing yet! I had an idea, but you are too far from camp Pendleton. Do you have any US army base around your place?

      All the best

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