The Meteor Fireball Spotted Over California Bay Area was Accompanied by Loud Sonic Booms


Here a few reports about the sonic boom that accompanied the meteor fireball sighted on February 21 2013 in Ventura, Anaheim, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Paso Robles, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

  • We live near Hendry’s Beach. At 10:35 tonight (Thursday), a loud rumble shook the house and the curtain on the bedroom window blew in. It sounded like a sonic boom. Did anyone else hear or feel it?
  • Super bright blue fireball explosion with sonic boom! We were sitting in hot tub enjoying the moonlight when at approx. 10 pm Thursday night we saw a super bright white- blue fireball streaking towards the southwest horizon. It exploded into several pieces and lit up the backyard like daytime. 4 minutes later we hear a long thundering rumbling explosion.Did anyone else see it? Incredible! Largest fireball with trail I’ve ever seen. Crazy!!
  • Did anyone else hear a window-rattling rumbilng at 10:34 pm tonight? It made the house shake and got the dogs barking.
  • It is 10:37pm and we have just heard a deep boom accompanied by every window in our house shaking and tattling in its casements! Felt like something huge hit. Our house ( I looked, it didn’t!) Sonic boom? Something hapoening at Vandenburg? We live by Oak Park and Cottage Hospital but I don’t think we can blame this on the helicopters this time! Anyone else hear it? Know what the heck it was?
  • Did anyone hear/ feel loud rumbling near oak park just now?
  • Just saw the best shooting star lighting up the lower Rivera. What a treat!
  • Who else saw the meteor last night? It was over the ocean, about 10:25, in the east/south direction. It streaked by very fast, noticeably bright. It was large and bright and broke into smaller pieces, and five minutes later a sonic boom was felt.
  • Just saw the best shooting star right over at the Rivera area. Super bright. Light up the entire sky!
  • Just checking to see if anyone else’s windows rattled around 10:30 Thursday night? Was it an earthquake or another rocket?

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