Earthquake booms in Tishomingo as a 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma – March 5 2013


TISHOMINGO, OK – Residents of Southern Oklahoma were woken up by a 3.5 magnitude earthquake rattling their sleep early Monday morning and making loud explosion sounds. This area of the States has always been prone to earthquakes, but they are apparently more frequent than usual. No injuries have been reported yet. – KTEN

A few reports and comments from witnesses:

It just sounded like a sonic boom or an explosion. We’re four miles from train tracks in Ravia and I thought maybe the box cars hit each other. I listened to see if everybody in the family was okay and then I rolled over and went back to sleep

I thought it was an earthquake, I woke up, the room shook, and it was interesting

I felt rattling, I heard my windows rattle, I heard my dresser door knobs slapping against each other, and I felt my bed shaking“.

I think we have always experienced earthquakes periodically. It may be perception, I haven’t looked into the data, but it seems like here lately we’ve been experiencing a few more than usual

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