Loud booms and strange sounds in Chesnee, Gaffney, Cherokee County, South Carolina – March 6 2013


Update about South Carolina booms. Source already exposed in a previous post. Sorry for that!

Loud booming explosion are probably related to Army trainings in northern Beaufort County, SC – March 6 2013

CHESNEE, SC – Mysterious booming sounds, like something is colliding together, rattled and shook houses in Chesnee and Gaffney South Carolina the last two days. Nobody knows what is causing the sound but they occurred at night around 8:00 or 8:30.

chesnee South Carolina loud booms

Local airports like GSP, Asheville and Downtown Spartanburg say no military training or special flight activity took place in the area. The Cherokee County 911 Center received dozens of calls about the booms. It seems that most of the booms are coming from along Highway 11, near the Cowpens National Battlefield. Military trainings? Construction blastings (Rutherford County)? Just too far away. – WSPA

Check the strange sounds facebook page for some updates.

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